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[Smiling ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.06.19 20:31)

My first entry in a while…

The day before yesterday was an individual handshake event*・゜

Everyone who came
thank you very very much (*^^*)

At this handshake event, we talked
a lot about the election
and how it’s my birthday soon!

Everyone who congratulated me
early, thank you very much/// LOL

I’ll be 19 in a little bit~…


It went by in the blink
of an eye, and I’m looking forward to
the day we can meet next*・゜

And in the high school quiz
it was decided that CinDy and
I would go to Okinawa(〃ノωノ)

M-my first time in Okinawa~~~!!!!


I’ve really really wanted
to go to Okinawa, so I’m
looking forward to it

Okay, everyone, wait for me!!



(2012.06.19 14:35)

Good afternoon★

It seems like a typhoon is going to hit today (>_<)

Everyone, please be careful (;_;)

It seems like it'll get bad in Tokyo around nighttime, so you have to get home early today♪

Lovetan's bangs look bad, I don't like them LOL

I have to do something to raise my mood(=・ω・)/


Well, see you~

Ah, I want to go to the art exhibition around the 20th

Is there anyone going?

From Lovetan.


(2012.06.16 16:13)

Good afternoon
It’s Mayuyu!



starting at 18:00 tonight

“Mayonaka no Guitar”

sung by Tokunaga Hideaki-san x Oshio Koutarou-san x Sumioka Rina-san x Watanabe Mayu



sung by Mizuki Nana-san x Watanabe Mayu

will be on air!!
It’s a dream collaboration♪

To be able to sing with such lovely people, it’s something I’ll remember forever (^^)

In particular, I really like Mizuki Nana-san’s “DISCOTHEQUE”, and I listen to it and sing it at karaoke all the time, it’s one of my beloved songs, so…

To be able to sing it with Mizuki Nana-sama herself…!!
I’m really happy.

The harmony on
“Mayonaka no Guitar” was tough, I was really nervous…

Everyone, please watch it on air♪

It’s airing on Fuji TV-san at 18:00 tonight.
Please support me!

From Mayuyu

[Entering the rainy season ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.06.14 10:52)

Now that we’ve entered the rainy season
I want to sleep a lot, it’s Kikuchi LOL

Everyone, good morning*・゜

I’m updating my blog on
the train today tooLOL

Well, now I have Warota 7
radio recording for the first time in a while(`-∀-)

I’ll talk a lot///

After that is work alone*・゜

I’m nervous. Yeah.


I’ll do my best today too(`^´*)

I won’t lose to sleepiness lololol

Intense cold\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2012.06.13 22:45)

Good evening! It’s Mayuyu.

Yesterday and today, it’s been really cold for the first time in a while (>_<) Let's warm our bodies up by taking long baths today.

today was a Team B performance at the AKB theater!

The performance had almost all the members.
Satou Suuchan appeared for only part of it, I hope she's okay…
Aayaroid joined us starting in the middle. Thank you very much!

I sweated a lot, it was really refreshing.
It was fun to sing and dance a lot~!
I love performances, really.

Everyone who came to see us, thank you very much!
I'm looking forward to being able to meet everyone again soon♪


actually, i cut my bangs a little.
I wonder if anyone noticed?

Short bangs really are better~

This is a photo from before I cut my bangs.
I think if I want to grow them out again I will.

Well, good work today too.
Good night (^-^)/

From Mayuyu

Concert♪ Nakagawa Haruka(^3^)-☆

(2012.06.13 11:13)

Good afternoon(⌒∇⌒)ノ”

It’s Nakagawa Haruka!
Ah! For a nickname
I chose Haruka!

for causing trouble.



Yesterday and the day before
was the tour and a performanceヾ(^▽^)ノ

The tour was too fun!

We went to Chiba♪
The 16 of us only really gather together for the tour, so we were really excited starting in the morning♪

It’s really nice doing a performance with all 16 of us♪

I want to show off
Team A’s good points to everyone(≧∀≦)

And yesterday
was a performance!!!

To do lives
two days in a row

I’m too happy(>_<。)♪

I'm really happy to be able to do concertsヾ(^▽^)ノ

My voice died because of the tour, but I'm glad I could have fun in the performance

I’ll work hard so a lot of people can see AKB48’s concerts!

I wonder when the next one will be? LOL

I want to do a live soon~ LOL

The photo is blurry.


(2012.06.11 19:53)

Good evening!
It’s Mayuyu (^-^)/

there was a Warota 7 individual handshake event
at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Exhibition Hall!

Everyone who came, thank you very much.

It was really fun~
A lot of people congratulated me on the election, I was happy♪

It started raining in the evening, sorry for making you come when conditions were bad (>_<)

PatiCinDy made a cake♪

It’s at a pro level!
It’s really wonderful.

Please support us in the next handshake event too.
We’ll be waiting (^^)

Today there were a lot of cute kids, it was fun.
I’ll continue to do my best-mayuyu~!

From Mayuyu