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Notice – Harugon blog

(2012.02.29 17:00)

I have news for everyone!
For a while now my throat has been in bad shape and I was recommended surgery, so I’ve decided to go through with that surgery.
It’s both vocal cord nodules, so my vocal cords will swell up and it will be hard to talk.

The doctor has assured me that the surgery is very safe.
I’m a little nervous, but I want to get better soon and sing and dance with everyone!

I’m going to take a little time off of work, but
I’m going to come back soon!

So please wait for me.

From Nakagawa Haruka.


North wind-tan

(2012.02.27 21:58)

Good evening★

Today the north wind is strong, it’s freezing LOL

And it’s gotten pretty pollen-y recently, sneezes have been causing me trouble…

I’m wearing a mask every day…

Today I went to the salon Nozofisu produces, Maron, to fix my nails!

The nailist who does my nails is graduating in March, it’s too bad.

Because I probably won’t be able to go in March~


Tomorrow is a performance (^ω^)

Look forward to it (>_<)

Forward to what? LOL

From Lovetan.


(2012.02.27 21:53)

Good evening!
It’s Mayuyu!

I have Sabadoru filming today too♪
We’ve finally arrived at the last spurt.
I’m going to do my best and reflect on every second so I don’t have any regrets.

did you watch episode 7
the other day??

I was going to watch it on time, but I totally fell asleep…(´・_・`)
I wanted to see it! I recorded it, so I’m going to watch it properly soon.

There are only a few more times when I can act as Usa Shijimi.
I’ll do my best!

without even realizing it, my solo debut is soon…!

I’m excited~(>_<)

It's the day after tomorrow!
It's the day after tomorrow!

No way!

Everyone, please support me!
I'll do my best-mayuyu~o(^▽^)o

I'm too nervous about M-Sta, it's really bad…what should I do?!
Being by myself is scary! Someone save me!
Someone perform on M-Sta with me! LOL


Ah, on the morning of the 29th
there’s going to be a special feature about me
on Mezamashi TV-san’s
“Aiko no Aitai YOU”!
It’s full of interviews with me, stuff about my beloved Takarazuka Kagekidan theater, and a lot of surprises!
Everyone, please watch it!

If you love Mayuyu or if you love Takarazuka or if you love the Flower Troupe, you have to watch it♪LOL

It’ll air at 7:35!
Everyone watch it~!

Well, I’ll continue to do my best in Sabadoru!
Ah, it’s almost the Synchro Tokimeki release date!
I’m excited!

From Mayuyu

[Just a little longer until the graduation ceremony ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.02.27 16:27)

Tests are hard (T_T)

Though in a little bit
I’m going to be graduating high school
it’s a little lonely…

It’ll become cosplay soon.←

That was quick. Yeah.

I’ll do my best so
I can graduate with my
close friends(ノ)ω(ヾ)

I want to smile when I graduateeeee*・゜

So now

I’m going to a certain show filming
with Myao

I’m looking forward to it////

[Sudden rain ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.02.25 11:17)

I can’t really get in a good mood
on rainy days. LOL


Well, yesterday I had school, then
a photoshoot・゜

What the photoshoot’s for is a secret///Tehepero

I worked hard with Lovetan
Nattsumii and Micha

I’m looking forward to the broadcast(*ノωノ)

So I’m going to school now.

I have to work hard on tests. Haha


(2012.02.24 22:36)

Good evening!
It’s Mayuyu!


Episode 7 is airing~\(^o^)/

The second half! That was fast~.

Mayuyu who seriously started solo work.
How will it turn out now?!

Everyone watch it!
It’s interesting tonight too!
You’ll regret it if you don’t (>_<) Watch it watch it!

And! Amazingly!
Mayuyu-san is on the cover of
FRIDAY out today!
It’s nice\(^o^)/

There’s a lot of gravure~(^o^) It was cute♪

Check that out too☆

Well then
watch tonight’s Sabadoru~!
Read FRIDAY too~!

From Mayuyu

Bye bye! Harugon blog(^3^)/

(2012.02.24 09:46)


I’m going to Jakarta!!!

I’m looking forward to itヾ(≧∪≦*)ノ〃

It’s my first time going to Indonesia!

I have a carry-on bag
and my passport, it’s perfect!!


Well then
I’ll enjoy it!!!!

I’m off!