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A show that will stick in your memories!! Harugon

(2009.02.28 22:33)

Good work

Today’s stage was super fun too

In the afternoon show
I put too much power in it
and my lines were too stiff
I thought that, but

at night it went well I think

Plays really are this fun, huh~

It’s pretty fun

Acting is this fun, it really is worth doing~
I thought that
I want to become an actress

Tomorrow is senshuuraku

I want to do more
if possible…

It was a short time, but
making this play with people from Tobiraza

I want to do it with all my strength
until the very very very end

I really can’t believe
tomorrow is the final day, but
they were kind
and taught me a lot of subtle things

I want to have a fun play
with everyone
Please support us tomorrow too!


Fuu゛∩(^ ∀^*)Nacchan

(2009.02.28 00:16)

The first day of Drill Tamashii finished

I didn’t really feel it this morning, but when the curtain opened, I was a little nervous

In the first scene during the waawaaa parts it was okay for me to say whatever came to mind, so I tried saying things I normally wouldn’t say♪♪♪

And I was able to relax a bit and get rid of some of my nervousness

The greetings at the end were really rushed because Mayuyu and Lovetan couldn’t stand on the stage after 9, so everyone was rushing LOL

It was planned that those two wouldn’t be on stage for the final bows, but the staff around us and the Tobiraza people cooperated and made it so all four of us could stand on stage together until the end o(^-^)o

Thank you very much m(__)m

And thank you very much for the flowers from all the fans!

I’m really happy O(≧∇≦)o

In the after-meeting for opening night, Watarirouka Hashiritai got a toast


From right, Gaston-san (Ebara Yuka-san), Shige-jiji (Sugiyama Ryouichi-san), President (Kurihara Nami-san)

And today was Kaiyama-san’s kid’s birthday

☆★☆★☆Happy birthday★☆★☆★

Kaiyama-san told us four to take good care of our throats and gave us mouthwash and wore a mask and is overall really cute

And and Team B’s Haachan, Nakayan, and Tanamin came to see us

They said “I want to see it again”, I was really happy(・∀・)ノシ

I have a lot of other stories too, but they have spoilers and I have to get up early tomorrow too, so

I’ll stop here for today

Good night~

Please come to see us tomorrow too o(^-^)o

Thank you very much. Haru♪

(2009.02.27 22:48)


Shonichi finished safely

Everyone who came to see it
thank you very much
I was nervous
and my voice shoot
and my dancing wasn’t very good…


When I was doing it
it was fun
it was fun
it was fun
it was fun

it was fun.

Team B’s
Haachan and
Nakayan and
came to see us

It was fun
It was unexpected

They said a lot of things, I was happy

we received flowers
from a lot of people

Thank you very very much

Three shows left
I want to do it with all my strength

I’ll do my best-gon tomorrow too


(2009.02.27 09:57)

Good afternoon(・∀・)!
It’s Mayuyu (*^ω^*)

Today is…


Watarirouka Hashiritai’s first play
“Drill Tamashii Yokohama Genjouhen”‘s
opening night (^ω^)!

But really~
it’s quick~(´ω`)

Before I realized it\(^o^)/

No way(^ω^;)
Too fast, no way(^ω^;)

I’ll do my best with all my might to show off the results of our practice(`・ω・´)!

I’ll do my best with a smile in full bloom(`・ω・´)!

I’ll do my best-mayuyu o(^o^)o

Ah~ Go-OnYellow is cute (*^ω^*)
Cute cute cute (*^ω^*)

Well then, let’s do our best today too(`・ω・´)!


Drill Tamashii!!!!!! Nacchan

(2009.02.27 09:35)

It’s finally shonichiiiiiii (>_<)

But my cellphone broke (T-T)

I dropped my phone while it was charging…

The screen won't go on

I can only make calls

When I got home yesterday, the power ran out too

Even though it's only about a year old!

Now I'm using my younger brother's old cellphone

So there aren't any cute images(-_-メ)

But today is opening night!!!!!

In a little bit the dress rehearsal is starting

The cellphone will work out somehow, so I want to have a lovely shonichi p(^^)q

But I want it to be fixed soon

I'm going to the dress rehearsal
It's an open dress rehearsal, so I'll appeal to all of the officials LOL

Energetic ☆Harugon☆

(2009.02.27 07:35)


Today is

It’s the first day~

No way~

I’m nervous, but
I have to do my best

Do the final check
do the singing check
do the dancing check



I’ll do my best-gon

The dress rehearsal before shonichi is
the last run-through

I’ll think it’s the real show
and put all my energy into it

And check myself
while doing it

Today is
cold and it’s raining, so

Watch out where you’re walking
and please come in warm clothes

It’ll probably get hotter
while you’re watching

It’ll get hotter

I’ll put more energy into it than usual and do my best-gon

In the dressing room゛∩(^ ∀^*)Nacchan

(2009.02.26 16:21)

The bear I brought to the dressing room

This bear is white, but it’s not the bear I use in “Joshi Kousei wa Yamerarenai” in B performances

It came with me when I left home today saying “I’m off”

It feels nice, and the size and cuteness are perfect

No matter how much I brush it I can’t get enough

Now I’m being haphazard continuing from yesterday

It’s a run-through

I’ll take power from the bear and do my best