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I was able to meet everyone! Nakagawa Haruka(^3^)-☆

(2012.10.23 00:35)

Good evening!

Yesterday? The day before yesterday? LOL
Thank you very much for the handshake eventヾ(^▽^)ノ

I was happy to meet a lot of people(・∀・)♪

And it was my last handshake event as a member of AKB48.

I’m happy to go to JKT48, and I’m looking forward to it, but when I think about how I won’t be able to do handshake events like this in Japan anymore I get lonely…

There are still two handshake events in November and December, but there were a lot of people who can’t come to those so today was the last…

It’s lonely, but I’ll do my best to make up for it, so I’ll be happy if you can support me with all your strength( 〃▽〃)

And please come to Jakarta! LOL

I’ll be waiting. LOL

Well~ tomorrow is a Team A performance (^-^)v

After tomorrow, all that’s left is the final show.

I’ll enjoy it with all my might so I have no regrets(≧∀≦)


I was able to meet Churi for the first time in a while!

I want to talk more…

Churi is someone I can talk a lot with(*⌒▽⌒*)

Well then, good night.


Desired!!! lolol Harugon blog(^3^)/

(2011.12.06 17:39)


Today I had work in the morning
and time until
my next job, so♪♪♪♪♪


I went on a date with Churi(嬉≧▽≦)八(≧∇≦嬉)

Churi had work in Tokyo
and free time, so
we went on a date(((>∇∀<)/




I'm not wearing make-up, but
we took purikura!

Purikura machines now are amazing. LOL

You can't tell I'm not wearing make-up(-д-)Ahaha…

They were amazing
in a certain way!!!


I love you

Let’s go on another date, okay♪

I refreshed my mood

I’ll do my best in my next job!

It’s a Team A

I hope it’s not hard LOL

Idol festival! Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.10.31 20:58)

(=^・ω・)ノGood evening♪

Filming finished♪

was filming for
Music Japan♪♪(*´▽`*)ノ゛

Today is an idol festival!

For me who’s an idol otaku
my tension was really high!

everyone is cute。*゜+.*.。(THE´∀`BEST)゜+..。*゜+

and Momoiro Clover Z-san
and AKB48!!
and SKE48!


me too(LOL´∀`)Hehe

was really a fun day!

I want to get cuter LOL

That’s right!

Today I met Churi♪

We have filming tomorrow too
and Churi is there too, so
we’ll be able to see each other three days in a rowヾ(≧∀≦*)ノ彡

today I want to take a long half-bath
and then sleep!

(・ω・)/ Bye-cha→☆

Handshake♪ Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.10.30 21:56)

(ノ゜∀゜)ノGood evening*:+:・゜☆彡

The individual handshake event finished♪

Everyone who came
thank you very much!

I always think this, but
a lot of people came from the country
I’m really happy!

For today’s outfit
it’s before Halloween, so
I wore the costume I wore in the Halloween live yesterdayヾ(^▽^)ノ

You were probably surprised LOL

All of Warota wore them!
Halloween is fun p(*≧ω≦)/

I’m glad people told me it suited me v(。・ω・。)Yay♪

I cut my hair short, but
so many people told me it looked good
that I was really surprised, I was so happy o(>∇<)o Yay

I was a little worried
how everyone would think, but
I'm glad I cut it short♪♪♪

I feel like today I was able to talk more than usual!!!
Maybe I've gotten less shy?

I'm glad I could talk
with a lot of people('ω'*)Aha♪

Next is probably November?

I'm looking forward to it┌(▲A▲┌ )┐Wasshoooooi!!!

I met Churi for the first time
in a while((●≧▽≦● < Love you☆★

ヽ(●´∀`○)ノ★SЁЁ YOU☆(●´∀`○)ノ

Handshake event! Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.09.25 22:13)

Good evening*.゜+ヽ(○・▽・○)ノ゛ +.゜*―!!

The handshake event finished!!

Today went by in the blink of an eye too!

Everyone who came in the morning.
Everyone who came from far away.
Everyone who came until late at night.
Everyone who came after school, clubs, and work.

Thank you very much♪

The handshake event was fun(≧▽≦)ノ

Every single word filled with
everyone’s love is the source of my energy!!!

Talking about janken
and the play

I’m glad
I could talk a lotヾ(喜*・ω・*)ノ

I’ll be waiting and looking forward
to next month tooヾ(*´∀`)ノ

By the way, today’s outfit is…

Like this!

A two-shot with Churi

Both of us coincidentally
wore berets (^_^)/

Please look forward to
my outfit at the next handshake event too!!!

ByeBye(* >∀<)ノシ ヾ(^□^○)m See you

Today’s outfit… Harugon blog(^ε^)-☆Chu!!

(2011.06.19 22:13)

The handshake event

Thank you very much
from morning to night!

For the election
everyone said
“I’m sorry.”
everyone, please
don’t apologize (><)

I’m thankful for even one vote

Thank you very very much(*´∇`)

today’s outfit was!!!

A picture with Churi

A lot of people
said that it was a different feeling than usual lolol

next is July 2nd (^ω^)

I’ll be waiting

Tomorrow is a Warota photoshoot
and it’s starting in the morning, so we’re sleeping over

I’m going to sleep early lolol

Good work! Harugon blog(^ε^)-☆Chu!!

(2011.06.17 22:08)

Today finished!!

I did a lot of things!

and dubbing
and recording

A hectic day
for the first time in a while lololol

it was fun (^ω^)

I met Churi too

whenever we meet, we talk about a lot of stuff

we get along well!

When we’re together
it’s calming(´∀`)

We’ll see each other again next week

I’m looking forward to itヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

I want
to talk soon

I’m going to take a long bath and then sleep early

Good night (^_-)