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(2012.02.22 21:23)

Good evening! It’s Mayuyu☆

Yesterday, I used up enough luck for a lifetime…I can’t live anymore!!
I think you'll understand soon.
Well, if you think about Mayuyu recently, there's only one possibility…LOL

my solo debut, 2/29, is getting closer.
Mayuyu is
on the cover of AKB48's newspaper on sale now☆

Have you seen it??
I’m really happy there’s a big feature.

There’s also a big two-shot with Mayuyu’s beloved Mitsumune Kaoru-kun.

Shouldn’t this be the main?! LOL

It seems like it’s being sold at convenience stores and such, so
if you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out~☆

I’m counting on you!

From Mayuyu



(2012.02.19 22:59)

Good evening! It’s Mayuyu!

Everyone, did you watch it?!

M-Sta the day before yesterday!

The day that Tamori-san does tehepero~☆ finally arrived!!

Hikasa Youko-saaaaaaan!
Are you watchiiiing?!!!

Because tehepero is Hiyocchi-san’s, everyone!
Remember that!
Don’t forget it!

Well, because tehepero goes like
“ikkene~ ○○shitemouta~, tehepero~っ(・ω<)☆”
Remember that too!

Everyone, thank you very much for coming in the cold
to the handshake event at Seibu Dome yesterday!!
Sorry that it was so cold!
Thanks everyone!

I watched 13th gen’s River and Beginner from the wings of the stage, I was really moved (>_<) Thanks for moving me!
Kaoru-kun was shining!

Mayuyu-san was happy to feel everyone's warmth in this cold!

I want to hurry up and meet everyone again~\(^o^)/!

From Mayuyu

Listen to my song~\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2012.02.10 20:21)

Good evening!
It’s Mayuyu.

Sorry this is late!

On the 5th
there was a handshake event
at our holy ground
Tokyo Big Sight!
Everyone who came, thanks!!

Big Sight!
It makes me remember last year’s NatsuComi…it was hot!

in Mayuyu’s lane on that day
the galaxy fairy from Macross F

Sheryl Nome-san was there!

It’s Sagittarius Sheryl~ no way(^ω^;)
I always wanted to try wearing it!
I love the Sagittarius costume♪


I don’t really suit Sheryl well! LOL
I don’t have a nice body like Sheryl…it was too impossible.

The only 3D Sheryl is Aira-san! That’s it!

Maybe it’d be better if I just went with Ranka instead (>_<) Next time I'll do magical girl pastels!

But really

as expected of the popular anime Macross!
A lot of fans recognized it was Sheryl-san.
Thank you very much!


"Ah, it's Ginga Tetsudou!"

I whistled when people said that to me.
Who's Maetel?

There were some people who thought I was Oscar, too.
Though I love Versailles Rose and Takarazuka! LOL

Well then
my partner Tanamin
was K-ON's Hirasawa Yui-chan~

Cute! Tanamin really suits Yui (^o^)

NMB’s Momoka had a MadoMagi Madoka cosplay

I thought I could see a pink body from far away and when I looked closer it was Momoka Madoka lol
Cute o(^▽^)o

On that day, sadly
my luck was bad and I couldn’t meet Kaoru-kun!
Too sad! Mayuyu is really suffering from Kaoru-kun deficiency.

Because this kind of service doesn’t happen often!

What should I do for my next cosplay…
Next is in April, so I want to do something with short sleeves!
I want to show off something in particular soon!
Look forward to it☆

From Mayuyu

Day two\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2012.01.22 12:00)

Good afternoon!
It’s Mayuyu!

It’s late, but
RequHou day two~

Wagamama Collection
Yankee Soul
Honest Man
Seishun to Kizukanai Mama

in the encore
Mayuyu’s solo debut single

“Synchro Tokimeki”

I performed that for the first time!

Wagamama Collection was my unit song on the album released last year!
The song and costumes are really cute, I love it (^o^)

Yankee Soul!
It’s here! Nezumi-san’s entrance!

Nezumi-san for the first time in a while was fun!
Center! CenNezu\(^o^)/!

Team B’s Honest Man ranked in!
It’s my favorite song from the current shows (^o^) Thank you very much♪

And and!
as the first part of the encore

I performed “Synchro Tokimeki”

for the first time(^ω^;)
I was too nervous, no way! Uwaaaahhh!
But everyone warmly cheered for me, I was really happy (>_<)!☆

I really love singing and dancing on stage.
I'll do my best-mayuyu from now on too~o(^▽^)o

The costume is cute too~

“Synchro Tokimeki”
is releasing on 2/29\(^o^)/I’m counting on you☆

On day two, I was able to do the voice acting team MC, it was fun~♪
The extra dubbing was fun! Let’s practice male roles a lot LOL

I have to write about day three yesterday too!
Wait for it~

Ah, and
on day two, the 13th generation kenkyuusei sang Namida Surprise~ they were cute (^o^) Fresh!
I clung onto Kaoru-kun again\(^o^)/

We talked a lot~ (^o^) I’ll cosplay something together with Kaoru-kun soon, so everyone, look forward to it☆

From Mayuyu


(2012.01.18 21:56)

Good evening! It’s Mayuyu!

I’m alive!
Sorry it’s been a while.

I had drama filming\(^o^)/Sabadoru!
Everyone, watch it! Nogizaka46 is in it! They’re cute!

Request Hour Setlist Best 100 finally starts tomorrow\(^o^)/It’s here!
I’m looking forward to it too much! Watching intensely!

But really!
Let’s make it the best performance!
Let’s do our best! Japan!

My tension has been high for a while now by myself, but no one else is joining me!
So I want everyone to join me!

Save me\(^o^)/Uwaaaahhhh

Sorry! Yeah!

Tomorrow, everyone, it’s not Shibuya AX, it’s TDC Hall!
Don’t mix them up! Okay?!

Lately I’ve been appearing in TDC Hall too much, I’m curious!
It’s a good thing!

Putting aside my apologies for not posting in a while
I’m going to put up a photo I forgot to put up way before!

It’s the 13th gen kenkyuusei
Mitsumune Kaoru-kun (^o^)!

Everyone loves her!
I love her too!


She’s one of Mayuyu’s beloved beautiful women disguised as a man.
We’re the same age.
Ah~ I want to see her soon. ← personal message

Let’s do our best starting tomorrow!
Good kids, let’s sleep early!

Good night!

This high tension might go down a little tomorrow morning!
Calm down, high tension!

Sorry, really.
Please forgive me tonight.

Good night.

From Mayuyu


(2011.12.25 22:27)

Good evening!
Nice-guy Mayuyu is going to write about AKB Kouhaku!

On the 20th, at TDC Hall
there was AKB Taikou Kouhaku Uta Gassen♪

It’s already nostalgic (>_<)

Nice-guy Mayuyu-san was
on the white team with Oshiriko-chan!
I was convinced from the beginning that the white team would win!

Everyone did a unit shuffle
I sang "Temodemo no Namida" with my beloved Jurina♪

Temodemo is really a godly song, I’ve always wanted to try singing it (^o^) Happy☆

And I was happy to sing it with Jurina-chan\(^o^)/CenNezu!

Next I’m hoping for a Center and Nezumi Kinjirareta Futari!
We’ll do it sometime!

It was my first time with the Temodemo costume
Like my mom’s hand-me-downs (^o^)☆

In the end, I was really happy the white team won!
Everyone who cheered for us, thank you very much♪

SKE and NMB and HKT was too cute, I was watching from the stands behind them (>__<) Pigtails are the best!

Just cheering from the stands was really fun!
I got too into it! For the first time in a while!
I stared too much at Kaoru-kun…)^o^(

Anyway, it'll be nice if we can do it again next year!
JKT was full of really cute girls, I'm shocked\(^o^)/

Later! Good night!
I'm sleepy! Let's do our best in the drama tomorrow too!

Let's do our best-mayuyu o(^▽^)o

So, have a lovely Christmas!

From Mayuyu