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T/N: Announcement.

In case there are people who haven’t been following the recent scandals, here’s a basic summary:
Yonechan’s personal Twitter was found, with photos and tweets about her and a boyfriend, among other things. Some of these included photos of Nacchan, and then a personal Twitter for Nacchan was found as well. Fans got angry, and in the end, about an hour ago, both Yonechan and Nacchan left AKB48. Nacchan left Watarirouka Hashiritai as well.

Personally, I am completely shocked at Nacchan. Not that she was hanging out with guys or had a private Twitter, that she actually ended up leaving. As an original member, and one who loves AKB so much, I’ve always thought Nacchan would stick around forever, until she really couldn’t do it anymore. I also cannot believe my eyes at the reactions of fans on G+ and other places – admittedly, I mostly looked at Yonechan because that was the only one that was up last night, but Nacchan started getting some shit too, and I really don’t think I could stomach looking at the comments for her right now. I won’t go too far into it here because it’s not exactly appropriate, but all of these decisions are a result of backlash from fans. If fans didn’t demand it, idols wouldn’t get fired or have to leave over something so stupid as having a boyfriend. I know this isn’t a new thing, scandals have happened before, but this time hit…way close to home. We’ve lost an original AKB member, two girls from the original team B (my beloved ;____;) and the leader of Watarirouka Hashiritai.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen to Warota from now on. Nacchan wasn’t the front girl, but in my mind she was always the most important. She’s not going to be in the Kibou Sanmyaku events today and tomorrow, but after they finish promoting that, where will this go? Now that Mayuyu has a solo single, I’ve heard speculation that Warota is just going to disband rather than continuing. Until we get an announcement though, I’m going to hold off on speculating and just take it one step at a time. I still have quite a few days worth of entries to catch up on, but if the girls post about Nacchan, I’m going to translate those ASAP. I might also translate other girls’ entries about Nacchan, we’ll see how things go. I’m guessing there will be lots of tears, both from the girls and from me…
I’m not going to ragequit AKB even though I completely disagree with their ideals about the girls being pure and not having boyfriends and all of that shit. What’s more important in my mind is to stay positive and support the girls as much as possible, even if they make mistakes, because they’re only human just like us. A lot of fans don’t seem to realize that. I will love Nacchan and all the Warota girls forever, no matter what they do, and fans getting angry over scandals, turning on girls they used to like, just makes me want to show my support even more.

Finally, I know this is pretty useless over a blog, but moment of silence for Nacchan and Yonechan and all the fans who have lost their oshis today? I am so sorry, and sending my love ;______; No one should have to go through this, whether it’s the girls themselves or the fans who support them.

Thanks for reading, and lots of love for everyone (but particularly Nacchan)



(2011.12.03 22:37)

now that time has passed since yesterday’s incident, I’ve settled down a lot.
Haa~ I was really worked up….

If you ask what happened

At 18:00 yesterday
Takarazuka Kagekidan-san suddenly announced a group change.

That’s shocking by itself, but…

My beloved
Flower Troupe’s Asaka Manato-san
is going to the Cosmos Troupe…?!!

Uwahhhhh, I can’t believe it, I don’t want to believe ittttt
Maa-sama is leaving my beloved Flower Troupe…

No, I was really agitated, but it wasn’t that kind of problem! (^^;)

Uwahhh, when I think about it again like this
I get agitated again…scary!

Well, but
through this group change, I learned a lot about the close future of Takarazuka! Fumufumu.

So, like that.
we’re appearing with the Cosmos Troupe in FNS Kayousai on 12/7, so
I thought I’d study the Cosmos Troupe before then, and went to see one, but…
the members are going to change next year~.

But, I have to watch a lot of Cosmos Troupe things starting next year!

Of course
I love the Flower Troupe too, so I’ll continue to love them from now on too (^o^) Flower Troupe, hehe

I didn’t think I’d get this into Takarazuka~
Seriously, really into it.
Because it’s fun~

In the world of Takarazuka which is overflowing with charm
if only I had gotten into it earlier…(>_<) Let's work hard from now on!

I’m looking forward to Maa-sama in the Cosmos Troupe next year~☆
Excited~ (^ω^)

I’m sleepy. Good night

From Mayuyu

From Staff

(2011.10.12 18:26)

Additional performances of the play “Koufuku Record” have been announced!!

☆10/21 (Fri) Yokohama Soutetsu Honda Theater
[Theater opening] 19:00 [Curtain raising] 19:30
[Advance tickets] 4500yen
[Seats] All seats are specified

Ticket release date
☆Sales start on 10/14, at 10:00~
[Nakagawa Haruka’s site URL]
Lawson tickets

Koufuku Record homepage

We did it! Harugon blog(・∀・)♪+.゜

(2011.09.12 12:03)

(=^・ω・)ノGood evening♪

The second day of the handshake event

Did you enjoy
today’s handshake event too?

Today I showed up in pajamas

It’s hard to understand LOL

It was a handshake event in pajamas
limited to everyone who came today

I wrote all this


I fell asleep

That kind of thing happens sometimes(゜∇^*) ♪

the next handshake event is the 25th!

Look forward to it☆・゜:*(人´ω`*)H。a。p。py。。

[Thank you very much! ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.09.08 23:00)

“Moshimo Kimi ga.”‘s
final performance finished safely *cries*

I was crying when it ended (;_;)

I was really nervous
for my final performance!! *cries*

I missed a few things, but
going through the final performance, I don’t have any regrets.

In the ad-lib parts and such, I heard
a lot of laughs, I was
really happy…///

In the end
everyone’s cries
reached me, and
I could really feel
their emotions

I’m full of
happy feelings(つω・。`)

I’ll be really happy
if everyone feels things
and connects to this play…

Kikuchi Ayaka’s “Maki”
was only for a short time, but
I’m really happy
that I was able to be in “Moshimo Kimi ga.”
and I’m thankful.

Everyone who came even though
you’re busy…
thank you very much!

I was able to find
a new part of me with this play.

I’ll do my best so I can
make use of this experience
and grow forward

Tomorrow is finally “Moshimo Kimi ga.”‘s
final performance!!

It’s Suzuki-kun and Harugon’s pair

If you haven’t seen it yet
please see it!

And today a lot
of members came to see it///

Miichan, Harugon
Lovetan, Micha
Nattsumii, Wasamin
Reinyan, Chiichan…

Thank you very much
for coming・゜

And Aran-kun!!
Thank you very much
for everything until today ><*

You were a lovely Yuki-kun


(2011.08.24 22:11)

Good evening★

The performance finished safely~゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜☆☆☆

It was fun~

I was moved at Takamina’s MC for the encore(´∀`)

I want to become someone that people look up to someday too!

I have to do my best for that\(^O^)/

Thanks for today, everyone

By the way, today’s outfit (-ω-)

It’s a red and pink striped dress o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o

It’s cute, I like it♪♪

By the way, it’s Pretty☆

Pretty really is cute

Ah~ tomorrow is Nagoya~

I’m looking forward to it! ω!

Nagoya, wait for us~

From Lovetan.

Chu! Harugon blog(^ε^)-☆Chu!!

(2011.08.05 22:49)

How was
the kiss-blowing event??



It was cute.

Thank you very much lolol

Everyone who couldn’t come
it’s too bad (>_<)

It was a godly event(*/ω\*)

there will definitely be another one!!

Today was an event
that made the fans and I
all blush, so somehow
it was a weird feeling

When people blow kisses at me
I blush~ lololol

After that fun event…

tomorrow’s live and handshake event☆

People who are
looking forward to it
and won’t sleep, please sleep!!

Because if you don’t, you’ll collapse tomorrow

Let’s get
pumped up energetically together\(^O^)/


Harugon will sleep soon too!

Good night