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Kenkyuusei performance゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2010.04.26 21:55)

“Those members” were Yokoyama Yui-chan and Ooba Mina-chan

Meaning, I saw a kenkyuusei performance

When I arrived at the theater, for some reason Harugon was there~

It’s Harugon~\(^o^)/

Ahh!!!! I messed up

That was 9th gen Shimada Haruka-chan (x_x;)

Harugon was this oneLOL

It was my first time seeing a kenkyuusei performance~

But even so…………………

I forgot my umbrella again

I alwaaaaaaaaaays leave it in the theater dressing room, so

My mom reminded me this morning, and sent me a message, but(´・ω・`)Achaa

Mom, sorryyyyyyy(-∀-)ノLOL

When will I next go to the theater, I wonder………….




All Night\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2010.04.26 21:07)

Good evening^▽^
It’s Mayuyu^▽^

Right now,
I’m part of the project where AKB48 members each have a radio show, and on the site All Night Nippon Mobile you can download them…

And if the first one reaches 1000 downloads, they can do a second one too!!

I, Mayuyu…

Achieved 100 downloaaaaaaaaads(・∀・)!

I’m really happy.
Thank you very very much to everyone who downloaded it!

And with that,
Today I recorded the second show♪

What Mayuyu’s interested in,
I talked a looooot about that!!

To find out what…
Look forward to hearing it\(^o^)/

I properly talked about a lot of stuff other than anime too LOL

I also answered a lot of mail from readers, I had a preeeetty good time(´^ω^`)

“#2 Watanabe Mayu’s All Night Nippon Mobile”

When it starts being distributed, definitely definitely check it out, ok☆

From Mayuyu

What’s Happening in Tsundere Kingdom ☆ 94

(2010.04.26 20:17)


Right now I’m
watching anime at hooooome(´∀`○)

It’s UraBoku, or “Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru”☆

Well, the reason I’m watching it is simply because the seiyuu are gods!!

Ono Daisuke-san
Fukuyama Jun-san
Kamiya Hiroshi-san
Sakurai Takahiro-san
Miyano Mamoru-san
Ishida Akira-san
Miki Shinichirou-san
Okamoto Nobuhiko-san

The male seiyuu are dangerous ones!

So I’m watching it lol

But somehow the contents are a little complicated *cries*

Ah~ nice voices~
Soothing~ soothing to Lovetan~

Anime really is good!

Everyone, do you watch any anime?

But the person named Zesu who’s played by Sakurai-san in UraBoku is really cool!

Looks like the food’s ready, so until next time!

Everyone else too, if you don’t properly eat meals, you won’t be energetic!

Bye bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ

[Smile★Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2010.04.26 20:05)

Look, look~

Crunch ball ice

It caught my eye, so I tried buying it(*ノ∀ノ)!

The taste is~….

As expected, amazingly delicious・゜

The crunchiness is irresistable(∩v・。)

Everyone, please try eating one

I recommend it♪・`

Until just now゛∩(^ω^*)Nacchan

(2010.04.26 18:16)

I did recording for the second All Night Nippon Mobile and

an interview for Nikkan Sports

Please look forward to it

Anyway, there really were a lot of members there

Chikarina, Harukyan, Komorin, Mariyannu, Suuchan,

Mayuyu, Yukirin, Sasshii, Kitarie

Sasshii and Yukirin had bayfm ON8 today

I’ll listen too if I rememberLOL

Now I’m off to fulfill a promise I made with a member

If I say the name it’ll be exposed, so I’ll report back after

\(^o^)/Take care

(・Å・)ノI’m off

\(^o^)/Have fun

(・Å・)ノEven if you didn’t say that, I was planning on it.

(・Å・)ノThen, until later



(2010.04.26 17:59)

Introducing today’s bentou~

There’s avacado in the salad

Today I ate in the cafeteria too

The first-years at the next table over were singing No Sleeves’ new song “Lie”

Thank you for remembering it.

Please support Watarirouka Hashiritai too←

(Yukirin, Sasshii. Are you reading this?? LOL

(We were together until just now)

That’s right!!!

I-chan, who’s in the same class as me this year, I’m really shocked by her appetite

Miso ramen, big onigiri, 4 pieces of karaage

And in the middle, sensei started eating lunch with us, but

She kept stealing sensei’s hamburger and salad

I-chan is like a baby, she’s really cute

I want to cuddle her

For gym, I put her hair in pigtails and we played volleyball like that

We had a picture taken of us in a super pose, I have to send it to my friends

My boom right now is calling out “come here~” and holding her tightly

I-chan, are you reading thiiiis(・∀・)??

It’s like that


What’s Happening in Tsundere Kingdom ☆ 93

(2010.04.26 15:27)


Today’s work finished(*´∀`*)

Today is really hot

Today I met with Suuchan for the first time in a whileヾ(>д<*)

I was really happy, in the middle of recording Suuchan waved at me

So Lovetan listened to Suuchan’s beautiful voice☆

Harukyan showed her face too, aren’t you melting at so many cute girls~((o>д<)o

Lovetan's work today wasn't recording music, it was recording for All Night Nippon Mobile!

Everyone who sent me messages, I received your energy! Thank you very much.

If it gets distributed again, please try listening!

I have to do my best to get 1000 downloads like the first time!

Because I'm a human who has to always do her best more and more!

It's amazingly fun to reply to messages


Bye bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ