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Breakfast! Harugon blog(^3^)/-☆

(2012.04.27 11:27)


Recently I’ve been making breakfast every day!

I made it with Acchan…

I made it with Akicha and Acchan…

Cooking in the morning every day
is fun and exciting(*⌒▽⌒*)

Making it is fun, but
being with everyone is
really fun(≧∀≦)

Private time
really becomes

I’ll increase the variety and make a lot more (^-^)v

I’ll be a good wife! LOL

Delicious, right? LOL


Full of energy! Harugon blog(^3^)/-☆

(2012.04.25 09:31)


Yesterday was
my first performance in a while!

I sweated a lot, it was fun

As I thought
singing and dancing
is exciting!

This is the source
of Harugon’s energy(*⌒▽⌒*)

And in the morning
I made food with
and Akicha

I’ve been full of energy since the morning

It’s so delicious I want everyone to eat it!


Breakfast really is precious(≧∀≦)


I’ve had a dose of energy
I’ll do my best today too!

I’m off♪

[On sale today ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.02.20 22:37)

Everyoneeeeeeeeee ⊂ニニ( ^ω^)ニ⊃

The WeekPlay gravure shoot with Google+ senbatsu
is on sale today・゜

Everyone, please read it///

I did my best in a swimsuit~ (T_T) LOL

Now that I think about it, recently
I haven’t gone to the beauty salon at all

I’ve turned into pudding, so
I have to gooooo!!!

I have to go to see Wazaki-san
who always takes care of me*・゜

To make my hair smooth and silky…

The day after a happy thing happened-tan

(2011.10.27 15:14)

Good afternoon★

Yesterday, I had a photoshoot and recording and a performance…I had a busy day!

Yesterday’s A performance was Akicha’s birthday show!

Akicha whose personality makes it so you can’t tell whether she’s an adult or a child.

Am I the only one who doesn’t want her to change? LOL

Akicha, happy birthday

And yesterday a good thing happened…

The other day, Warota 7 had an interview for my beloved KERA

And then I said I like AKIRA-sama, so

AKIRA-sama sent KERABOKU! to the agency\(^O^)/

When I looked closely

There’s AKIRA-sama’s autograph~

What is this?!!!!

It’s an heirloom

And it has my name

Uwahh, a nosebleed!

Now that I’ve already gotten his signature, all that’s left is to get married lolol

Yeah, that’s it.

We have to get married soon

Thanks. Everyone in the world lolol

I can do my best on my diet nowwwwww

From Lovetan.

Today is sunny! Harugon blog(・∀・)♪+.゜

(2011.09.10 07:38)

Good morning♪~ヽ(ゝc_,・●)ノ

Today is
the Flying Get
individual handshake event

did you wake up properly?

be late ε=(。・`ω´・。)

I’ll be
waiting properly

I’m looking forward to it!


Everyone who came to the play
I’ll be happy if
you tell me your thoughts (^-^)v

Well then♪

I’ll be waiting
at the handshake event venueヾ(≧∀≦*)ノ彡

My first time in Toyama! Harugon blog(^ε^)-☆Chu!!

(2011.08.23 21:05)

Good evening\(^O^)/

I haven’t been able to update ><

Yesterday Team A
went to Toyama☆ヽ(▽⌒*)

It was AKB48's first appearance in Toyama(≧▼≦)

I was thinking “I wonder if it’ll be exciting?” or “I wonder if they’ll be happy” but

a lot of people

“Come again!”

“It was fun!”

so I was happy (^ω^)

I want to do a live
in Toyama again!
Please let us do it!

The live was a big success, so everyone partied at night

We got a lot of
delicious things from Toyama!!

White shrimp and shellfish
and trout sushi and udon, we ate a lot(´∀`)


The tomatos were delicious too

All of it was super delicious(^皿^)

was laughing saying
“Harugon looks like this shrimp!” lololol

Does it look like me?!


Team A really is
close, it’s fun (^3^)/

Next is Nagoyaヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

Everyone in Nagoya
wait for us


I ate a lot yesterday, so
I’m going to start muscle training! lolol

Bye bye

A performance-nyon. Harugon blog(^ε^)-☆Chu!!

(2011.07.08 22:50)

Good evening(●´∀`●)/

Today was a performance
for the first time in a while☆ヽ(▽⌒*)

It was fun (^o^)v

I really do
singing and dancing.

Sweating is


just going outside in summer
makes you sweat (><)

Let's be careful of
summer heat fatigue!

Today I danced for the first time in a while, so tomorrow I'll probably have muscular pain(ノд<。)゜。

I'm going to stretch
and massage properly
and then sleep(・∀・)ノ

Well then

see you tomorrow(´∀`)