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(2010.12.10 19:51)

Good evening★

Today I had an all-day photoshoot for Weekly Asahi-san(。・ω・。)

When’s it being released again~

I’ll update again once I know☆

I was able to wear a wedding dress right after I turned 16 (^ω^)

Everyone, please look forward to it

Cute brides are waiting for you LOL

Can I marry at 16~

Marriage in your 30s or 40s is good~

Ah~ ah~

Tomorrow is a handshake event

Bye bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ


[It was a lovely performance ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2010.09.27 22:52)

I feel like in today’s performance
all of the members
and all of the fans
really became one.

Everyone’s faces were shining and sparkling

As a surprise, old Team K
members came running in.

With this unbelievable surprise
Erepyon was so happy
I felt really happy
as well~…

She really had a happy-looking

Erepyon’s graduation performance
ended like that
in the blink of an eye(´・ω・`)

For Erepyon to graduate
is really sad and lonely, but
I want to cheer for Erepyon’s
dreams with all my might.

Lunch break゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2010.08.21 12:25)

Mayuyu, Yukirin, Haachan, Sae-chan, Meetan, and me

The six of us ate together(*`Ο∪Ο●)


[Offshotヽ(▽⌒*) ★ Harugon blog]

(2010.06.06 17:28)


It’s sudden, but
showing off offshot photos
from yesterday’s handshake event☆ヽ(▽⌒*)

Meetan and Nattsumii
eating food

I got to meet with Meetan
for the first time in a while, so I was happy
Nattsumii is
in the same agency

with food

We’re going to be on the same team next too

Let’s get along, ok

Again again again
eating food
Takamina and Yukarin

The two of them
were eating very deliciously

Takamina is
the captain of new Team A, so

Please take care of me

The end, those were offshots

I’ll do my best with the big rope


(2010.05.07 20:30)


This time I’m doing a Lovetan photobook too(*^ω^*)

But the Lovetan photobook this time is Lovetan and other members

So let’s start


Suuchan and Lovetan.

Lately I’ve really been closing the distance with Suuchan, she’s a member I love!



A 2shot with my #1 oshi Miichan. Every time I take a picture with Miichan I’m nervous(^ε^;)



(TN: there was no picture here…?)

I love the reliable Meetan. She’s really a good person♪Since she went to SDN I can’t see her performances, I’m shocked!

And then


Kitarie and Lovetan. Kitarie saves me from Sashiharassment, she’s a very kind person!



Tanamin and Lovetan. I play with Tanamin as Wota 4, we’re close.



Lovetan AND Haachan LOL I think Haachan loves Ai-chan the most(´∀`)ゞ

How was it?

I’m surprised there aren’t any pictures with the 4 from Watarirouka(・o・)

I’ll do it again~

Bye bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ

It’s starting♪ Harugon

(2009.03.16 18:39)


Now there’s a Nemousu event

I wonder if everyone’s coming

I want to enjoy it

Before the event, I met Meetan and got energy, so
I’m powered up


(2009.03.09 16:18)

It’s evening~★

Yesterday Oohori Megumi-sama put Lovetan on her blog (*^ω^*)

Everyone, please check Meetan’s blog out

Today I went to school a little(ノ゜O゜)ノ
The six girls that I’m friendly with wrote comments on colored paper
An autograph collection or something~

now I have filming

My face got red
My head is flushed!
Maybe because I slept?

What is an adult?


Bye bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ