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(2012.10.24 15:47)

Good afternoon★

Everyone, how are you??

I’m eating pasta by myself right now LOL

Today I went to school and took a test☆☆

I hate studying but it was okay\(^o^)/

Until the day we meet again (^ω^)


[Watarirouka Hashiritai~ 7! ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.09.27 23:02)

Hi, it’s Ayapan
aka Kikuchi AyakaLOL

*Ayapan is the nickname
I use when on NOTTV’s
Anta Dare?. Yes.

Well, yesterday was my beloved
beloved Warota 7 radio recording*・゜

This time was CinDy, Lovetan
and Ayarin!!

It was the first time with this combination

This time was super duper fun too
and really exciting (ノ)ω(ヾ)

Everyone, please listen///

We couldn’t stop laughing. LOL

And I was happy to meet CinDy
for the first time in a while

Let’s get all of Warota 7 together
and have a party (∵*)

It seems like CinDy
can make delicious food
and sweets…///

That’s exciting, CinDy!!

CinDy, thanks!!←←←

Well, tomorrow is NOTTV*・゜

I’ll do my best o(`^´*)


(2012.08.30 16:25)

Good afternoon★

Now I have notTV☆

I’ll do my best ^^

Puin puiiin

From Lovetan.


(2012.08.02 19:09)

Good afternoon★

Yahho~ ^^

Today I went to Hiroshima~

For the preliminaries of Koukousei Quiz~(=・ω・)/

Hiroshima was very hot (;_;)

Sweat ^ロ^; Sweat ^ロ^;

I fully enjoyed Hiroshima~

I usually only go for handshake events so I can’t go sight-seeing☆☆☆

It was very fun♪

From Lovetan.


(2012.07.16 13:34)

Good afternoon★

Today I’m in Sendai for Koukousei Quiz☆☆

People in Sendai are nice~ ^^

The taxi driver was very kind and told me about gyuutan places♪♪

I’m going to eat delicious gyuutan now!

From Lovetan.

Piping hot-tan

(2012.07.09 20:37)

Good evening★

It’s hot today~

The R no Housoku live broadcast finished♪♪

I’m on my way home~(^ω^)

Tomorrow is Acchan’s birthday!!


From Lovetan.

Girls are cute-tan

(2012.06.27 22:41)

Good evening★

Today was a Mokugekisha performance♪

It was girls-only~ ^^

Why are girls so cute? LOL

I was grinning from the moment the curtain opened (>_<)

I want to say, even just that was really fun~ (=・ω・)/

Yeah yeah LOL

The photo is from a while ago, Lovetan from Mittsu no Namida!

It's rock~ (..)

Bye bye~

From Lovetan.