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★Yesterday★Harugon blog(^ε^)-☆Chu!!

(2010.10.31 08:34)


is an event in Ebisu


for coming
to the handshake event in Ikebukuro
during the typhoon

I talked
a lot
and we were freelolol

is nice~

I think today’s event
will be free

I think it’ll definitely
be a fun event, so
everyone, please come



(2010.10.31 00:49)

Good evening^▽^
It’s Mayuyu^▽^

Continuing from last week
Mayuyu is appearing again in

“Weekly Shounen Champion”

released on the 28th♪

This time
it’s Halloween, so I wore a lot of cosplay (^ω^)

It was pretty fun to be able to cosplay as a magician, a cat, an angel, etc (*^ω^*)

It really is
a Halloween-ish feeling!

Everything was cute, but
my favorite was

This angel outfit(・∀・)!
There’s a halo attached to my head~
Cute and fluffy (*^ω^*)

And and

I like this magician costume a lot too (*^ω^*)
It’s cute like Mio from K-ON!

It was a really fun photoshoot♪

Halloween really is fun~
Costumes are really fun(・∀・)!
Masked balls and things are wonderful~!

Halloween\(^o^)/is the best

please look at
“Weekly Shounen Champion”☆

From Mayuyu


(2010.10.30 23:36)

Good evening★

Today was a Warota handshake event in my beloved Ikebukuro♪

I want to become Ikebukuro’s image girl LOL

Thank you very very much for coming even as a typhoon is approaching!

Thanks to everyone, it was a really fun handshake event(=・ω・)/

Today was a typhoon~

But I’m sleepy~

I’m going to sleep already~ lol

Tomorrow is an event in Ebisu!

It’s going to be a fun mood, right~(∩∇`)

It’ll be good if it’s sunny tomorrow(@゜▽゜@)

Bye bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ


(2010.10.30 22:12)

For coming to the handshake event in the middle of a typhoon, thank you very much

Please be careful when going home to not fly away

Adieu *´ω`つ゛

↑Mayuyu with a deciding pose in lesson clothes


[Chi~chu lol ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2010.10.30 21:35)

The handshake event finished

Everyone who came here
in the middle of a typhoon…

Really really really

thank you very much.

I was really happy (;o;)

And I was really fortunate
to be able to spend a fun time
with everyone today too・゜

Everyone who came for us
on the way home, please
be careful (xωx)

Don’t catch a cold…

And now
I’m going to
a Watarirouka lesson///


(2010.10.30 16:25)

Let’s do this right away!!

I’m going to answer questions written in letters


(´゜ω゜)For TV and photoshoots, do you choose your hairstyle? Or does the hair/make-up person choose it?

(*QωQ*)I choose it myself. But according to the photoshoot, like if it’s supposed to be cool, sometimes they decide that everyone’s should be straight.
For Warota singles, we choose hairstyles that aren’t too flashy and match with the uniforms.

(´゜ω゜)What do you do at home to take care of your tiredness? Please tell us

(*QωQ*)I don’t really do anything in particular, but when I have time I use a massage chair, or stretch…
To take care of tiredness I take long warm baths, and sleeping in bed is the best!!

(´゜ω゜)Compared to when Warota was formed, what do you think you’ve grown most in?

(*QωQ*)When we were formed, we had lots of conferences and discussions, but now we can properly mutually understand each other, so we don’t do those as much anymore maybe

(´゜ω゜)How many bears do you have in your house?

(*QωQ*)I haven’t been counting since I hit 100. Basically there are too many so I don’t feel like counting them now m(_ _)m Sorry

(´゜ω゜)I’ve heard that your favorite color is green or blue, but what is it really?

(*QωQ*)It’s green~.
For color combinations, gray x milky pink, milky green x milky pink, milky blue x milky pink ← meaning I like milky colors because they’re comforting and spring-ish

(´゜ω゜)I heard your favorite color was green, but even if you say green, there are a lot of different greens, so which green do you like?

(*QωQ*)I don’t really like dark green. If you ask which one, I like yellow-green and emerald green

(´゜ω゜)What songs do you want to sing at next year’s AX?

(*QωQ*)There are a lot!! Writing them down as they come to mind
★Renai Athlete
★Shiroi Tulip
★Aoi Mirai
★Tanjoubi no Yoru
★Inochi no Tsukaimichi
★Tsuki no Katachi
★Rio no Kakumei
★Nage Kiss de Uchiotose
★Kiss Shite Son Shichatta
★Party ga Hajimaru yo
★Ame no Doubutsuen
Though there are a ton of first-generation songs……..

Ah!!!! And, ★Hoshi no Ondo LOL

(´゜ω゜)Everyone talked about excuses for being late in he MC on October 25th, but if it were Hirajima-san, what excuse do you use?

(*QωQ*)I was late because of an incident on the train………….. Lies like that
Seriously though, I don’t use excuses, I just say “I’m sorry!! I’m late!!”

(´゜ω゜)In Bijo Saishuu, Hirajima-san was a shiba inu, but was that your choice? Or the cameraman’s suggestion?

(*QωQ*)This was the person who photographed AKB, Kiyokawa Asami-san adapting everyone to plants and animals, and using that image to photograph us. So even though it wasn’t my or the cameraman’s choice, we all decided it.

When I read letters I get energetic

Thank you very much for the letters like always


Harugon blog(^ε^)-☆Chu!!

(2010.10.30 14:23)

The first part finished

for coming in the rain

A lot of people
came for us
I’m happy

I’ll be waiting in the second part too