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Request! Harugon blog(^3^)/

(2012.01.21 22:59)

Good evening ヾ(≧∇≦)〃

Day three finished!!

A lot of different songs were in it♪

Harugon was really happy
that Team YJ’s
song ranked!!

And we beat
Team PB!!!!!!!!!!!

It was our first time winning…

We were too happy
we were all delightedヾ(喜*・ω・*)ノ

Team YJ’s bonds are eternal.

Everyone who voted for Team YJ
thank you very much.

I want to do work with it again!

I want to!!!!!!!

People in high positions, I’m counting on you (>_<)

Tomorrow is the final day☆

Look forward to it\(^o^)/



[The setlist is deep! ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.01.21 22:04)

Day three finished

Today my beloved
songs ranked in
I was super happy
and it was super fun (>_<)

By the way, today was
* Shoujotachi yo
* Choose me!
* Shonichi

I sang those three!!!

It was the best *cries*

I was too happy *cries*

The songs were too godly *cries*

This was the first time
Team YJ was able to
beat team PB(´;ω;`)

Everyone, thank you very much///

I want to do more Team YJ work…

I love Team YJ(〃ノωノ)

And I’m really thankful
I was able to sing Shonichi.

This song is a lovely song
that makes me think of
my original feelings as precious
and I don’t forget them ever.

It felt really good
to sing Shonichi…*cries*

Just between you and me…

I almost cried.←seriously

Today’s setlist
was really deep for me!!

I wonder what songs will
rank tomorrowΣ(ノ。д。)ノ

I’ll do my best tomorrow too


(2012.01.19 10:53)

Request Hour Setlist Best 100

starts today!!!∑(OДO*ノ)ノ)★+:*


Rie-chan is eating yogurt next to me nowヽ(‘v’●)


On hand゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2011.12.17 20:07)

Hirajima-san has a metal allergy.

I only wear necklaces
on days when I definitely won’t sweat! (>_<)

If I sweat, even if they're not metal
plastic or leather necklaces make my neck all red

So I don't really wear necklaces

So then I noticed that if it's on my arm it's totally fine!

So in summer I started wearing bracelets and watches

In summer, your wrists show a lot, so I wore a lot of bracelets

Watches make my wrists stuffy so I don't usually…..LOL

I thought that, but in winter, they don't get stuffy! LOL

So, I think in winter I'll wear bracelets and watches

I feel like this is another thing I'm going to collect, it's scary((((;;´д`))

By the way, right now I like

this JILL by JILLSTUART bracelet

I don’t really know if it’s okay to wear a lot of black things. LOL

UNGRID bracelet

This is the #1 thing I wear a lot!

A souvenir from overseas from a friend

But Kitarie and the costumer Yui-chan also have it! LOL

You who thinks I don’t have any watches! LOL

I don’t have a photo!

So ε(ノ∀`*)


Bonus photos゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2011.10.12 21:17)

We went shopping during free time★・ω・b

I bought a bag with cute embroidery!
I think I’ll keep my lesson clothes in it*´ω`つ

So, Harugon bought Vietnamese traditional
clothes, changed into them right away, and walked around in them\(^o^)/

It suits her a lot ∩^ω^∩

Dinner on the second day☆
It looks even more delicious in the picture, so
I’m boasting that I made the picture really well! LOL

When I asked for iced tea, it felt like a southern country-style
and my tension got high\(^o^)/

Hotel breakfast
the sweets corner
The edited version

The unedited version

Harugon, Yui, Kitarie and I
walked down what’s called Ameyoko in Japanese
and I bought this ∩^ω^∩

Harugon bought a purple ribbon hair elastic(´▽`*)

So, that’s the end of my Vietnam diary☆

Thank you very much
for having us for two days!

Next I’m going to put up a lot of photos
from when we went to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise for a duet photoshoot!


Vietnam! Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.10.10 21:27)

|ヽ(*´□`*)ノミ|Ю I’m back♪

I’ve returned safely
from Vietnam!!!

The three days in Vietnam
were very fun.

Everyone in Vietnam was very kind, I was very happy(-^□^-)

I thought that they probably wouldn’t know AKB48, so thank you very much for remembering Japanese and calling out to us and writing letters in Japanese♪

I’m really happy I was able to
appear in the Vietnam music festival!

Even if the place for words is small
I think it’s good to touch people through music!

We don’t speak any Vietnamese.
Vietnamese people don’t speak Japanese.

with gestures and hand movements
if the other person gets what you’re feeling
you can talk and exchange thoughts
I learned that in Vietnam!

I’m really glad
I could go to Vietnam.

The food was super delicious, too
and pho is too delicious
I ate it every day (●⌒∀⌒●)∩

I have to diet LOL

I want to go to Vietnam again!

I want to meet everyone
in Vietnam who was nice to us
again (>∀<*)☆♪☆♪

I'm looking forward to
the day we can meet again!

Thanks a lot!

Being in the same room with
Rie-chan for three days was fun♪

I want to go overseas together again♪

☆⌒(*^-゜)ノ~♪see you again♪~ヾ(゜-^*)⌒☆

Culture festival゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2011.09.18 20:58)

Today I went to my high school’s culture festival in the morning(●´―`●)

The train transfer, and the hill, and the way I walked to school was nostalgic……..

Right past the gate, the reception desk was full of teachers I had when I was at school!

And underclassmen I know and underclassmen I don’t know called out to me LOL

There were chocolate bananas typical of festivals
and a jungle maze with festival quality
A haunted house of such quality that I had to take off my shoes
The class drama from my old homeroom

And I went to play in the staff room!
When I went to school, they got angry at me a lot for wearing make-up, so I was a little scared they’d say something this time too when I greeted my health teacher LOL

Other graduates have been saying, let’s go to the festival together, for a while now, so
we had a mini class reunion, it was really fun(*ノω`*)

So, then I was at recording with Kitarie ∩^ω^∩

Ahhh, you really get the feel of youth from a culture festival(つω;`)

The only regret I have is that an underclassman told me she was dancing to Team B Oshi, so please see it, but I had plans after that so I couldn’t see it.

And for some reason when I went in the classroom the background music was Team B Oshi LOL

And there were underclassmen with class t-shirts that said “Yagami oshi” and “Fujie oshi”!

I wasn’t able to find a “Hirajima oshi” (>_<)