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[You’ll smile ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.12.28 21:17)

Yesterday was my last performance
of the year(*´д`*)

And after that, I stayed over
at Suuchan’s house(*´д`*)

It’s fine. It’s fine. Yeah.

I think my last performance of the year
was really the best performance

And we did a birthday celebration for
everyone who’s born in December*・゜

Again, everyone born in December
happy birthday///

Have a lovely year

Well, I went to the beauty salon
for probably the last time this year!!

Of course…!!

I got it done by Wazaki-san
who always takes care of me*・゜

It got super bouncy
I was pretty

Wazaki-san, thank you
very much this year too


[Last performance of this year ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.12.27 12:56)

Good afternoon(*´д`*)

The day before yesterday, I was able
to appear on Kayoukyoku・゜

I was memorizing the choreography and really frantic so
I wasn’t able to tell you all earlier(ノ_・。)

I’m sorry.

Everyone who watched
thank you…

I wonder if you could find me?

Well, today is my last performance of the year!!

I’ll enjoy it(*´д`*)

Well then, I’m off*・゜

But really, somehow the Warota blog
is basically just me. Yeah.

Hey. Everyone. Where are you. LOL

It makes me want my own blog