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(2012.12.18 00:30)

Good evening! It’s Mayuyu(⌒▽⌒)
Sorry it’s been a while.

at TDC Hall

there was

AKB48 Kouhaku Taikou Uta Gassen!

Mayuyu was on the white team lead by the general manager Takamina(^○^)

I was able to sing
Maeda Atsuko-san’s single
“Kimi wa Boku da”!
The melody and the lyrics, and Maeda-san’s singing voice, are really lovely, I love the song.
I sang it with my thankful feelings towards everyone who supported me this year. I wonder if it got through…

Since I was on the white team, the costume…
I wore a white lovely dress♪
I love white, so I really like this costume(^○^)

It’s too bad the white team lost, but
it was a fun event, fitting for the end of the ear!
I laughed a lot and played a lot…I made good memories♪

I hope next year is
a lovely and wonderful year!

Well, I’ll leave it here for today…

Everyone, good work today too!
Let’s do our best tomorrow too o(^▽^)o

Good night!

From Mayuyu


[First update in a while ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.12.13 18:30)

Everyone, I’m sorry this is
my first update in a while

My cellphone broke
so I sent it in to get
repairs. LOL

I finally just got
a new one(´・д・`)

Welcome back, cellphone.

So today I’ve been doing a photoshoot
since morning

It’s snowing and it’s cold.

I’m doing my best to endure
the cold(´・д・`)

Ah, now that I think about it, everyone!!
Do you know the Keapa jersey Takamina-san produced?

I really love wearing it
the Kaepa jersey・゜

I wear this jersey a lot, so
I think everyone knows LOL

You can only see half, so
it’s hard to tell, but
it’s really comfy
and cool
and easy to wear(*´д`*)

Everyone, please check
it out…

I love the white and black ones*・゜

[New Team A ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.11.03 18:40)

Yesterday was opening night
for new Team A’s
Waiting Stage・゜

It started safely
and ended safely!!

It was super super fun///

When we started the new teams
of course I was a little uneasy at first, but
while we were doing rehearsal
it became fun, and everyone
started talking more and becoming closer
and now I think we’re
a lovely team o(`^´*)

It’s thanks to the captain
and general manager

When we’re eating or something, everyone
gathers properly and eats

We talk about a lot of interesting things
and in my case, the captain
Mariko-sama messes with me a lot LOL

I’m happy←←←

But when rehearsal starts
everyone properly learns and checks
the choreography together
and switches between ON and OFF right away.

I thought that change was really amazing
so I felt like I have to grow more
watching the backs of the captain
and general manager.

New Team A is young, and
there are a lot of newer members((;゜Д゜))

I’m 19, but there are a lot of
younger girls, I’m a little anxious. LOL

But thinking things like that
is important.

I can’t lose yet
and I have to work hard while thinking
about overtaking my seniors.

Mariko-sama said that too.

Kikuji pushes herself
so she should become everyone’s model♪

It’s true that I have to push myself to become an adult
I have to grow.

I’ll work hard so
I can be a good model for
my juniors o(`^´*)

I’m looking forward to the future
even more now

Everyone, please continue to support
New Team A and Kikuchi Ayaka
from now on too!

[Day two yesterday ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.08.26 07:57)

Good morning・゜

Yesterday we had
the second day!

Yesterday I was in team songs and!!
We performed the Future Girls song
*Show fight!*
for the first time(´>ω<`)

It was super duper exciting
I was happy///

It's a song I was able to sing
thanks to everyone who
voted for me in the election, so
it's a song I really love
and it's important to me…

Thank you very much
to all of the fans who
are cheering me on!!

This Future Girls song is really
a cool song, and the lyrics are also
about facing forward and being strong*・゜

The music video
is super duper cool
too, so I want
people to watch it soon(*ノωノ)

A! ny! way!

I really love this song!!←←

And something else that made me happy
was the surprise yesterday
of Takamina-san’s
solo debut(´;ω;`)

I was really moved.

I was really happy.

When Takamina-san cried
I cried too.

Those tears she shed
were lovely(´;ω;`)


I’ll continue to follow Takamina-san
from now on too.

And today is the final day!!

I’ll do my best!

Day two! Nakagawa Haruka(^3^)-☆

(2012.08.25 23:22)

Good evening~(*≧m≦*)

Today was day two of the Tokyo Dome concert!

It finished safely without anyone getting hurt or any incidents!

I was nervous today too…

When the venue is huge, I feel like I’m going to be swallowed up. LOL

But today I made my dancing big so I wouldn’t be swallowed up and made sure to make eye contact with a lot of people!!

I wonder if people could feel my power?

We can totally hear everyone’s cheersヾ(^▽^)ノ

Thank you very much!!

And in the end
Takamina’s solo debut was announced(≧∀≦)

Really, congrats(*^▽^)/★*☆♪

Hard work really pays off!

That proved it to me.

A début on Universal-san.

I wonder what the song will be like.

It’s time for Takamina to step forward too!

Congrats, really

Well! Tomorrow is finally day three!!

I’ll do my best with all my strength to make this a stage with no regrets.

Suki ni Natte Yokatta\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2012.08.12 18:07)

Good afternoon! It’s Mayuyu!

Watanabe Mayu is appearing as a guest on

“Shin Domoto Kyoudai”

on FujiTV starting at 23:15!
I’ve appeared as part of AKB48 and Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 before, but it’s my first time solo

I was nervous, but the filming was very fun~♪

It’s full of highlights, like a janken tournament, so everyone should watch it☆

Katou Izumi-san and Takamina-san and I got to sing Izumi-san’s “Suki ni Natte Yokatta”! It’s really a famous song! (>_<) It's an honor to be able to sing it.

Please watch
“Shin Domoto Kyoudai”
today at 23:15!

From Mayuyu

The first performance finished! Harugon blog(^3^)/-☆

(2012.04.18 17:33)

Good afternoon(⌒∇⌒)ノ”

There’s a show for the play today too!

It seems like there’s a team A performance today, but I can’t perform.
I’m sorry(/_・、)
Get pumped up for Takamina’s birthday show, okay~(*≧m≦*)

I’ll do my best in the play!


I’m receiving all the flowers from everyone!

I can’t take pictures of all of them, but

Thanks for the lovely flowers

( 〃▽〃)

I’ll do my best in the second performance too!