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[Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.05.09 12:01)

Good afternoon⊂ニニ( ^ω^)ニ⊃

Yesterday was
Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai performance・゜

Everyone who came
thank you very much///

Personally, I really really
love that stage(ノ)ω(ヾ)

I wonder how it was?

It was a super duper fun performance
I have no regrets

I want to do Yume wo Shinaseru
Wake ni wa Ikanai again sometime.

I want to do it a lot of times, not just once (>__<)


Please let me do it. LOL



[Enjoying and treasuring each day ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.03.05 20:58)

Yesterday was a radio show and
handshake event at Seibu Dome

The radio show was with
Komorin, Shiichan, Sakiko
Reinyan, and Ayarin⊂ニニ( ^ω^)ニ⊃

Well, not really a radio show…
It was a broadcasting club. Yeah. LOL

And after it finished
was my beloved handshake event///

Everyone who came to meet us
in the cold, thank you
very very much

It was super fun*・゜

Next time might be in April(ノ)ω(ヾ)?

Everyone, please be careful
to stay healthy

Ko lol mo lol ri lolololol


(2011.12.28 16:32)

Good afternoon★

Today is Kouhaku rehearsal\(^O^)/

We had cake at the year-end party after yesterday’s performance(。・ω・。)

It was a Lovetan-ish cake! White cake

Shiichan had chocolate cake\(^O^)/

Both were delicious!

What is a year-end party? LOL

Ah~ I’m not hungry even though I haven’t eaten at all (∀)

I won’t eat (>_<)

Strict to oneself

A diet until Kouhaku

I’ll do my best

From Lovetan.


(2011.12.27 22:52)

Good evening★

Today was an A performance!

And full members


And it was mine and Shiichan’s birthday show(。・ω・。)

I was really moved at the letter from Mama LOL

Harugon, thanks☆

And all the fans.
The flowers and the heart-shaped glowsticks

Thank you very very much\(^O^)/

We all believe in each other!

I’ll use these bonds until I graduate, and spend every day of my 17th year well!

I’m still a child, but because I’m a child I still need everyone

Even when I become an adult, I’ll still be childish, so…

Please support me from now on too LOL

Thanks for cheering for me today too

Shiichan and I

Happy birthday(。・ω・。)

From Lovetan.

Looking forward to it~~~♪ Harugon blog(^3^)/

(2011.12.27 18:25)

Good evening!

Today Team A is gathering
for the first time in a while
for the performance v(。・ω・。) Yay♪

I’m in high spirits already. lolol


I love
Team A!! (〃^∪^〃)

Shiichan and Lovetan’s…

( ̄+▽ ̄)( ̄▽+ ̄)

I’m looking forward to it a lot♪

I want it to start soon, but
it’ll be sad when it ends, so
I don’t want it to start yet. lololol

So, everyone coming today
please look forward to it♪


I want Mayuyu’s grab bag!

I’ll be waiting lololol

Kaze wa Fuiteiru゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2011.10.27 23:53)

It released\(^o^)/

Have you listened to it yet?

Did you see the Undergirls Baragumi MV?

Nacchan dressed as a boy this time!

Set up like an boy high school student who’s a fan of AKB!
And his favorite is Hirajima Natsumi!!! LOL

I didn’t wear much make-up (>_<)
Just foundation and eyebrows!

But with a boy's appearance you can't see it much, so it's mysterious((((;;´д`))

You can tell if you look really hard at the MV, but on the bag there's a Nacchan puzzle strap and there's a strap and wristband limited to the Harajuku shop(ー∀ー`)

And in the bag was AKB clear files and candy, so there's AKB even in the parts you can't see!!!

And Shiichan who was also crossdressing with me(*´з`*)

Shiichan was Shibuya style☆

When you line her up with Nattsumii dressed as a gal, they look like a couple(´▽`*)LOL

And a rare photo!
It’s the short hair version of the singing costume☆

Chikarina, Mariyagi-san, Yonechan, Micha, Shihorin, Tanamin

Miyu-chan, Kana-chan, Haruu, Kurisu, Chiichan, Mariyannu

The scene where I’m nervous, and where I shove forward in the crowd (don’t do it yourself, it causes trouble LOL), and when I wipe the sweat with my handkerchief (it’s actually a Nacchan towel) and when I’m getting really excited by myself at the live, etc…

Thank you very much for the delicious role(p〃□〃*)

Akimoto-san! Hirajima will wait for any role!


[Soon… ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.10.06 22:12)

I’m going to get a new cellphone


It’s worn-out~

And the image quality lolOL

I get it

Everyone probably
wants me to get a new phone
soon too(ー∀ー*)



I have to find a new phone

So, today I did a day
of photoshoots *б∀б

Tomorrow is super super
early, so I’m worried about whether
I’ll be able to wake up or not


It’s a day of shoots with
*Komorin and Shiichan*, so
I’m looking forward to it///

I’ll do my best tomorrow too *б∀б

An early good night…