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Safely…… ゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2010.03.31 23:51)

I was able to become a senior\(^o^)/

I worked on this every day for a long while

I turned in so many reports…….

As you’d expect, there were a lot of days I couldn’t keep up the number of days I actually attended, but I had support from all of my teachers

After some make-up time, I was able to finish my second year

The end-of-year ceremony was just in the class with the second-year teacher and one student, so it was a lonely end-of-year ceremony


At any rate, it really is good I was able to move up(;´д⊂)

Please continue supporting Hirajima Natsumi who became a 12th-grader as well(・∀・)


(TN: Congrats, Nacchan! ^____^)



(2010.03.31 23:13)

Good evening^▽^
It’s Mayuyu^▽^

Yesterday, at Zepp Fukuoka
There was a release event for Sakura no Shiori(^ω^)!

Everyone, thank you for coming(・∀・)!
I was happy!

Having an event at Zepp is really great, huh-
It was fun like a live!

I want to go to Fukuoka again~

Hakata ramen I ate there
Super super delicious(^ω^)!

Fukuoka\(^o^)/The best

I’ll go back again!

From Mayuyu

[Sweets ♪ NaHarugon blog]

(2010.03.31 15:05)


Today is
my first day off
in a while

For a day off

I don’t know

what’s good to doLOL

Even though I say that

I’m lazily taking a walk

Found Anpanman


Well then,

This was Harugon’s walk

[Smile★Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2010.03.31 13:40)

Good morning(/ω|*)

Today I slept a loooooot, so I’m happy

But maybe because I slept in a weird position, my head really hurts a lot(´ーдー`)

I’m running out of patience lolol

I should properly massage it

Getting off subject a little, do all of you sleep on a bed?

Or on a futon

What’s Happening in Tsundere Kingdom ☆ 36

(2010.03.31 12:28)


Right now~
I’m on break~(゜_゜Nyoronyoro

Komori said in a small voice “I’m not called, right(?)” lol

Speaking to herself?(^o^)

Well, well
This was a small update from the hungry Lovetan(・∀≦*)/♪

Anyone want to play?

Found Miyazaki(゜o゜)/

Bye bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ

Food ゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2010.03.31 07:55)

I was able to eat today’s breakfast properly ☆

☆Miso soup
☆Honey-soaked lemon
☆Yatsuhashi (TN: rikaichan gives me “a type of sweet filled with bean paste”.)

Yesterday when I got home, for some reason on the table yatsuhashi was…!

Seems like it was a souvenir from my younger brother’s friend

The flavor was cinnamon

Yatsuhashi is delicious~~~(*´д`*)

It’s sudden, but yesterday’s bento


I didn’t update after finally taking a picture before I eat

The avocado salad was delicious


I’m going energetically today too


What’s Happening in Tsundere Kingdom ☆ 35

(2010.03.31 05:43)


Good morning!
Today I woke up at 4:30(/∇`*)

Somehow it’s a systematic feel? lol

Now I’m going to that place, and doing that recording and photoshoot(*´∇`*)

For some reason I’ve been really energetic since this morning, so I’ll definitely do my best!! lol


Bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ

Something’s decreased.