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(2012.10.07 21:17)

Good evening! It’s Mayuyu!
Sorry I haven’t updated in a while.

Today was a handshake event at Iwate Industry Culture Center!
It’s been about two years since I’ve visited Iwate for a handshake event.

Everyone who came, thank you very much!
I was happy to see everyone♪

It’s already cold
Everyone, please stay warm.
I’m sensitive to cold, so I’m already wearing tights.
In a little bit I’ll bring out the heater.
But somehow I like winter more than summer, so I’m looking forward to it. Christmas, come soon!

I took a photo with Paruru.
Paruru and Mayuyu, or “Payuyu”.

I’m heading back to Tokyo while listening to my beloved Shiina Ringo-san. She’s really lovely.

good work today too!

Let’s do our best tomorrow too!
Good night.

From Mayuyu


Janken tournament. Nakagawa Haruka(^3^)-☆

(2012.09.19 10:41)

Morning ヾ(^▽^)ノ

Yesterday was the janken tournament!

I was seeded and started in the second round, but I lost my first match…

But I was happy that I lost to Moeno-chan who got #2♪

And Paru-chan, congrats(*⌒▽⌒*)

Throw open the doors to a new era!

I couldn’t make it to senbatsu this time either, but I had an Indonesia-themed outfit and matched with Jakarta, so I think I was able to promote JKT48!!

I was really happy a lot of people complimented my outfit(・∀・)

Now that the janken tournament is over I have to practice words to prepare for JKT48!

I want to make JKT48 even more exciting!

I’ll do my best!

Everyone, thank you for lending me your strength and cheers!

I was able to meet Aina too!
I want to play with Aina soon (^-^)v


(2012.05.21 10:18)

Good morning!!
Sorry for the late update. It’s my bad habit. I’ll try to fix it.

The other day, the 13th
there was a handshake event in Marine Messe Fukuoka!

I love Fukuoka!

I was really happy to talk with a lot of people.
From little children to adults, thank you very much!
I’m so happy you spend your precious time coming to meet AKB48.

I was really close with Paruru on that day!

On the airplane on the way back, both of us took weird photos LOL
We took a lot of other ones too, but
I can’t upload them to the blog (>_<) I'll leave it to your imagination♪

Finally entering the second half of May!
I'll spend every day well so I don't have any regrets.

I’ll do my best-mayuyu
today too~☆

From Mayuyu


(2012.03.10 23:20)

Good evening, it’s Mayuyu again!

Yesterday was my first Team B performance in about two months
Sorry I couldn’t appear.
I’m happy to finally be able to perform!
I’ve been wanting to perform but I just couldn’t help it.

Recently I’ve realized that I really love performances.
They’re fun♪

The Team 4 and kenkyuusei girls were too cute.
Cuteness is justice\(^o^)/

I’ve been close to Paruru recently
It was fun calling that out♪

Mayuyu’s Flower Troupe pose was popular LOL
Yukirin did the Flower Troupe pose too! No way!

It was my first time appearing in a show with Miyumiyu. A dream come true!

It was really fun!
I want to do another performance!

Everyone who came to see us
thank you very very much!

Good night.

From Mayuyu

[I want to convey it to you ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.05.12 11:33)

Good morning(*・ェ・*)

Today I have Majisuka 2
filming starting in the morning♪・゜

Yeah, there are a ton of people today LOL

Amaaaaaazing lolol

When there are a lot of people
it really is fun(つω^`)

Habu 4 will do their best
in a lot of things today too///←

Yesterday, Habu 4 and
Kanburi and our manager
went to eat(*δvδ*)ノ

Kanburi doesn’t have to
diet or anything lolol

I hope we can become real goddess of the theater…゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2010.10.05 23:06)

Everyone who came to the performance, thank you very much!!!

I was able to regain the feeling from the three performances before, and I think even though it was just one performance, I was able to sing and dance with all my power from beginning to end ∩^ω^∩

(I don’t mean I didn’t use all my power in the three performances before, so…)

Today’s hairstyle is the same hairstyle as the jacket of “Gyu”

This was an answer to the requests from today’s Zenza Girl Haruu and Yui and Mina who came as unders!!

Today there were a lot of members out, so kenkyuusei came as unders★

A photo from right before the farewell high-fives



Anna-chan smile

Paruru full of energy

Nakama, Nakama, Nakamata-chan

Chibikorokorokoro Minakoro

Kyoto dialect is cute, Yuihan

And, she’s too young so she couldn’t participate in the high-five, so she’s not in the picture, but

Soothing Izurina

Thanks so much like always



(2010.10.03 22:55)

The lunchtime and afternoon and evening Team B performances today were really fun\(^o^)/☆

In particular, the MCs were seriously funny!!!

Talking about the Team B performance secrets

and yoisho and yoisho and yoisho and yoisho…………LOL

Please continue doing the calls for “100 Meter Conbini”
and “Team B Oshi” next performance too(оωО`*)

In the evening performance, we talked about blogs in the MC before “Shiokaze no Shoutaijou”

There we decided to commemorate this performance by everyone updating their blogs with the same title, and the blog title we decided after the performance was


“Yoisho!!” is limited to the Team B members and the kenkyuusei Paruru who participated in today’s show, and the people that went to the evening performance

If you don’t really get the flow of the conversation, please watch it on On Demand

But really~ today was really fun from morning to night