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Sakura゛∩(^ ∀^*)Nacchan

(2009.03.23 10:48)

The sakura blossoms at the Hirajima house are in full bloom


I’m off




(2009.03.23 00:15)

Good evening★

I’m happy I don’t have days off, but I can’t go to buy the Kuroshitsuji DS game

Even though I want to play it

Today I had a performance?

(_ _).oO

Tomorrow is pretty early in the morning, so I’m going to sleep!

Bye bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ

Three photos゛∩(^ ∀^*)Nacchan

(2009.03.22 23:34)

It’s a photo festival~

Naruru aka Naruse Risa-chan

Naruru doesn’t look younger

Naruru’s “Yokosuka Curve” is super cool

Nonaka Misato-chan who’s called Monaka, she’s my age

Actually, it seems like Misato wanted people to use a nickname

But I call her “Monaka~”

Monaka is cute

Suzuki Shihori-chan who returned from Singapore

But it seems like she doesn’t speak English

For some reason she’s called the committee chairman

Her bangs are cute

I’ll put up my costume from today’s “Tengoku Yarou” tomorrow

Good night



(2009.03.22 21:11)


When I was looking for an old photo in my images folder on my phone
there were a lot of nostalgic photos(・∀・)!


Do you know it?

It’s very dear\(^o^)/

From Mayuyu

Waaa ♪ Harugon

(2009.03.22 18:19)

Today is three performances (^^)v

The second performance finished

I ate food too, MAX energy

I’ll rampage
until the end

I’ll prepare

Photos゛∩(^ ∀^*)Nacchan

(2009.03.22 18:07)

Today Rumi (Yonezawa Rumi-chan) sang “Zannen Shoujo”

She’s too cute, so she’s hidden behind me

And Lovetan and Haachan (Katayama Haruka-chan)

I lost in janken to Sashihara in the outro to “Joshi Kousei wa Yamerarenai” in the oyatsu show

I won’t lose in the evening show


5~8゛∩(^ ∀^*)Nacchan

(2009.03.22 09:22)

Yesterday I watched Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru episodes 5-8

About four hours!!!!!

I feel like I worked hard

But I’m always curious about how it continues…..

And starting today I won’t have time to watch DVDs for about a week, so maybe it’s okay

And it’s pretty late, but
today I’m starting to read the Inukai Turbo-san book I introduced earlier

My goal for today
☆relax and sing☆

When it’s high-pitched, I use too much strength and my throat closes, so I need to consciously relax and sing normally

People participating in the Tokyo marathon, relax and please do your best with all of your strength