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(2011.10.24 22:31)

Good evening, it’s Mayuyu!

Sorry for the sudden notice!
bayFM ON8 finished! Live broadcast

It was fun! It was exciting-nontii!!

And when the live broadcast was over and I looked at my iPhone, I had a message from my older sister!!

Tsukigumi’s Kiriya Hiromu-san is leaving the group!!!
Kieeeeeeeee! I”m shocked!!!

Shocked! Shocked!

I called Mutty right away!
By the way, Mutty supports Oozora Yuuhi-san!
I’m also curious about Asumi Rio-san!

It would have been good if I could have seen Alger no Otoko…

And and
is it true that Milky Holmes-san is having a performance in Budoukan?!
Amazing! Kieeeieeeeee


I’ll do my best-mayuyu tomorrow too o(^▽^)o Mufufu




I’m looking forward to the Halloween live too much…I bought something today! I’m looking forward to the day of the event



[Ukeguchinohosomiunookinahagi! ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.09.12 22:02)

People who were able to say that are really skilledlolol

((By the way it’s a fish name))

So, BayFM ON8
finished, it was fun///

It was short, but
it was really fun
and I was able to talk properlyLOL

Times flies when you’re having fun(´・ω・`)

Everyone who listened
thank you very much!

I want to appear soon again(*`o∀o艸)

Team K really is the best・゜

But really…

Noro-san is really funny

And I was the only one without make-up(・A・)

Musha Kora-tan

(2011.09.05 22:38)

Good evening★

Today was bayfmON8 Hashira Night with AKB48

The members were all Team A: Mocchii, Wasamin, Lovetan\(^O^)/

Did you listen??

It was a pretty slow radio show LOL

But it was fun ゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

Everyone who listened, thank you very much

Now that I think about it
it’s already September!

I’m going to make this fall a fashion fall

Really! I love lolita (-ω-)

In particular, pastel colors

I’m going to wear lolita clothes tomorrow too♪

I’ll put it up on my blog!

In yesterday’s handshake event in Nagoya, there were about 10 people who said “your outfit is cute! I’m looking forward to it!” so LOL

For those people too

Tomorrow is a photoshoot and a performance.

I’m looking forward to Wasamin’s hairstyle!! lolol

People who come to the show tomorrow might be lucky (>ω<)

From Lovetan.


(2011.06.13 22:35)

Good evening★

Today I appeared in Nontii’s ON8\(^O^)/

The members were


Those three(^・ェ・)

It seems like Harugon messed up the time in her entry, but

did you listen properly??

Today was slow, but time passed by fast.

Nontii’s radio show is fun, so I want to talk again!

And it was announced on ON8 too, but

the Young Jump 7 VS Young Magazine 7 battle

Young Jump 7 won the second round(。・ω・。)

Thank you very much!

It’s thanks to everyone!

Thank you very much.

Let’s do our best from now on too♪♪♪

From Lovetan.

A lot of love♪ Harugon blog(^ε^)-☆Chu!!

(2011.06.13 22:36)

Did you
listen to the radio show?

It got a little blurred lolol

love was the theme
of the radio show(´∀`)

I am loved
by everyone!
Harugon came this far
because of everyone’s love!
Harugon loves everyone

Please love Harugon
from now on too lololol

Harugon can transmit her voice
to everyone through a radio show, so I like it (^ω^)
I’ll do my best so I can get better and better at talking!

Well then, everyone

good night(*´∇`)

Tonight is!!! Harugon blog(^ε^)-☆Chu!!

(2011.06.13 18:41)

Good afternoon(●´∀`●)/

I’m appearing
on the radio show ON8(´∀`)

I’ll be able to meet Nontii
for the first time in a while lolol

Today’s members are
Chiyuu-chan and
Love-chan (^ω^)

it’s a strange combination??

Maybe the first???

I’m a little excited

It starts at 20:55!



(2011.03.07 22:12)


Good evening
It’s Lovetan!

Today I had radio recording.

Usually I appear in the hour-and-a-half specials, but today was 30 minutes so it felt fast(。・ω・。)

With Nattsumii and Ucchii, it was very fun(・ω・)


Everyone who listened

Everyone who sent messages

Thank you very much♪

I’m going on a trip starting tomorrow!

I won’t say “don’t find me”.

But don’t forget me…

Just joking LOL

I’m going on a trip, so updating once a day might be hard(>_<)

I'm sorry

Tomorrow I have a photoshoot around noon

Bye bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ