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1SEG Lunchbox live broadcast!

(2012.02.14 10:43)

Oota Aika, Nakagawa Haruka, and Iwasa Misaki
are appearing in NHK 1SEG Lunchbox’s live broadcast
at 12:00.

We’re accepting questions and such.
Please access the Lunchbox homepage
from the URL below.


[Watarirouka Staff] Nakagawa Haruka announcement

(2012.02.10 12:00)

A play appearance for Nakagawa Haruka has been announced.

Play “Shinsengumi Ibun PEACE MAKER”

Dates: 2012.04.15~22, 10 performances in all
Location: Theater G Rosso
Script: Kanno Shintarou
Director: Ise Naohiro (bpm)

[Other cast]
Seiya, Kanesaki Kentarou, Hamao Kyousuke, Ise Daiki
Izaki Yuusuke, Mizutani Momosuke, Shiina Taizou, Onitsuka Michiho, Hitomi Sanae
Kudou Mayu, Kawasaki Yuuki, Hattori, Tsubasa, Kurofuji Yuuki

[Dates and times]
15 (Sun) 14:00~
16 (Mon) 19:00~
17 (Tues) 19:00~
18 (Wed) 14:00~ 19:00~
19 (Thurs) 19:00~
20 (Fri) 19:00~
21 (Sat) 13:00~ 18:00~
22 (Sun) 14:00~

-Price, all specified seating
Reserve: 6800yen At the door: 7300yen

-Release date
Earliest pre-order tickets
2/11 10:00 to 2/17 23:00
Second round of pre-ordering
2/21 10:00 to 2/28 23:00
3/3 10:00~

-Play guide news
E Plus
Nocturn Ticket Service
CN Play Guide

Movie “Love Police” opening on 2/25

(2012.02.03 17:47)

An announcement about a movie that Oota Aika is in.

Movie “Love Police ~Neet-tachi no Banka~”

◎It’s going on a nation-wide roadshow starting 2012.02.25 (Sat)!

Yoshimura Takashi (Heisei Nobushi Kobushi), Oochi Yousuke (Dainoji)
Ashina Sei, Matsuda Satoshi, Namioka Kazuki, Oota Aika (AKB48), Okamoto Natsuki, Tamura Kenji
Yamasato Ryouta (Nankai Candies), Miyagawa Daisuke – Hanako (special appearance), Brother Tom, Ayaman JAPAN

-Official homepage *
It’s on twitter & Facebook too*


(2012.01.28 04:12)

Today, there was a request from Hirajima Natsumi that “I want to quit my activities in AKB48 and Watarirouka Hashiritai”.
We apologize deeply for the sudden announcement.
Below is the message from Hirajima Natsumi to all the fans.
(Exact text below)

I, Hirajima Natsumi, have decided to quit AKB48 and Watarirouka Hashiritai.
I’m sorry for the sudden announcement.

I’m very very sorry for causing trouble for everyone.
Everyone who has supported me, members, staff, and everyone related to AKB48, I’m really sorry.

I’m separating from AKB48 and Watarirouka Hashiritai, but I’ll do my best so I can meet everyone sometime as Hirajima Natsumi.
I’m extremely sorry.
Hirajima Natsumi

Vote on NHK “Aoyama 1seg Kaihatsu”!

(2011.12.22 00:27)

On NHK 1set’s “Aoyama 1set Kaihatsu” December edition
There’s a knockout competition with “Jona Sanpo” that Oota Aika is in, so
please vote!
You can vote right now, or you can vote during the live broadcast.
Please vote for “Jona Sanpo”!

“Jona Sanpo”
Lead: Rokkaku Seiji
First episode: Katou Natsuki
Second episode: Oota Aika (AKB48)
Third episode: Ozawa Ryouta

12/24 (Sat) Live broadcast appearance: Oota Aika (AKB48)

If it wins through December, it’ll proceed to the finals in March, and if it wins there it’ll become regular.

The details are below.
Show: “Aoyama 1set Kaihatsu” (a drama within the show)

Channel: NKH 1seg 2 (it’s channel 2 on cellphones anywhere in Japan)

Broadcast date: 12/24 (Sat) broadcast
Broadcast time: 1:00pm~1:20pm

Vote on the show HP
or cellphone [menu] -> [TV] -> [NHK] -> [by name] -> [Aoyama 1seg Kaihatsu]


Everyone, please vote.

Starting today!

(2011.11.04 18:02)

Starting today at 19:30

TV Asahi

“Crayon Shin-chan”

Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s new song“Kibou Sanmyaku”

is going to be in it as the opening song

Please check it out

Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 members are

doing interviews today, so

the staff is writing this entry.

Please support

“Kibou Sanmyaku” releasing on 11/30.

m(_ _)m From staff.

Release news!!!

(2011.10.04 00:00)

★Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s new single is going to be released on November 30th!!

Long awaited!
Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s new single to close out the year is releasing on
November 30th!!
The title is undecided, but there will be four versions, limited editions A, B, and C, and a regular edition.
The song this time is going to be a national anime tie-up.
When the details are decided, it will be announced on the official homepage, so
please wait a little bit longer.

★Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 “(TBA)”
Release date: November 30th (Wed)
* Limited edition A (CD+DVD) PCCA-03507 / 1600yen [with tax]
(1) National handshake event ticket
(2) Original trading card TYPE-A version (one out of seven solo shots)

* Limited edition B (CD+DVD) PCCA-03508 / 1600yen [with tax]
(1) National handshake event ticket
(2) Original trading card TYPE-B version (one out of seven solo shots)

* Limited edition C (CD+DVD) PCCA-03509 / 1600yen [with tax]
(1) National handshake event ticket
(2) Changing jacket (one out of seven solo shots)

* Regular edition (CD ONLY) PCCA-70313 / 1000yen [with tax]
(1) National handshake event ticket
(2) Original trading card (one out of three group shots)

* Lots of bonuses?!
There are external bonuses this time too!
Everyone who buys this new single first will get a present!
There will be bonuses for chain stores!
The details will be announced when they are decided!

(About the handshake event)
There will be individual handshake events this time too!!
The details about buying tickets to the individual handshake event and the time and place will be announced on the official homepage, so
please wait for the official announcements.