Vote on NHK “Aoyama 1seg Kaihatsu”!

(2011.12.22 00:27)

On NHK 1set’s “Aoyama 1set Kaihatsu” December edition
There’s a knockout competition with “Jona Sanpo” that Oota Aika is in, so
please vote!
You can vote right now, or you can vote during the live broadcast.
Please vote for “Jona Sanpo”!

“Jona Sanpo”
Lead: Rokkaku Seiji
First episode: Katou Natsuki
Second episode: Oota Aika (AKB48)
Third episode: Ozawa Ryouta

12/24 (Sat) Live broadcast appearance: Oota Aika (AKB48)

If it wins through December, it’ll proceed to the finals in March, and if it wins there it’ll become regular.

The details are below.
Show: “Aoyama 1set Kaihatsu” (a drama within the show)

Channel: NKH 1seg 2 (it’s channel 2 on cellphones anywhere in Japan)

Broadcast date: 12/24 (Sat) broadcast
Broadcast time: 1:00pm~1:20pm

Vote on the show HP
or cellphone [menu] -> [TV] -> [NHK] -> [by name] -> [Aoyama 1seg Kaihatsu]


Everyone, please vote.

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