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★ Team A ★ Harugon blog(^ε^)-☆Chu!!

(2010.11.30 22:48)


Today was
a Team A performance



and Nyannyan

were absent

as unders



and Mariyagi-chan
came for us
and made it a lovely performance


I was able to dance
pretty calmly
today too, but

There were
small mistakes…

Next time
I’ll do my best


Wonderful!! ★ Ayarin *Oωo)

(2010.11.30 22:43)

After recording finished
Nacchan and Mayuyu and I
the three of us went to see
the play “SAMURAI 7”

Mayuyu barely made it in time
I’m glad she made it, I’m glad~ヾ(^▽^)ノ

My thoughts are…

It was a really lovely play!

I was moved from beginning to end!

All of the stars were really good
at acting, it was lovely!!

Samurai are cool~!!

All three of us were too pumped up
it was really scary LOL

The three of us were grinning and laughing


It was a wonderful show

The story was easy to understand too
I’m really glad I went to see it (;O;)

After it ended, we went backstage
and greeted everyone, then went home・゜

Today was a happy day!!


(2010.11.30 22:22)

Good evening★

Today was the second consecutive day of A shows(´∀`)

Performances really are fun(。・ω・。)

I went with a side ponytail for today’s hairstyle☆☆☆

I plan to use Sasshii’s favorite hairstyle on our fifth anniversary(・ω・)

It was a performance where I thought about a lot of things~

Well, what I was thinking about is a secret *sweat*

Today there were a lot of people who smiled at me whenever our eyes met, I was happy(´ω`)

I have work starting from the morning tomorrow too, so

I’m going to sleep early

Bye bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ

Don! ★ Ayarin *Oωo)

(2010.11.30 17:11)

Yeah, the image quality really is bad LOL

Sorry everyone(´・ω・`)

get the feeling just from the atmospherelol

And I can’t use decome
with this substitute phone

I can’t use any of my emoticons I’ve used until now

Somehow it’s a different feeling
from before, but please

Ah, recording finished

Look forward……….゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2010.11.30 16:40)

Now I have recording

Earlier, they changed the lyrics to the song I recorded already, so I have to do it again

And after that………………………..


[I really did it ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2010.11.30 15:22)

Yeah, this morning
my cellphone finally broke.

Everything besides my contacts went poof

My pictures up until now
my favorite emoticon pictures
my favorite text emoticons
my favorite sites
everything disappeared

Ah~ ah~…

I really did it(。・_・。)ノ

I feel like a stapler hit my heart

My beloved cellphone, thank you

for everything up until now! LOL

By the way, right now I have a substitution

I’m not used to using it, so
it’s hard to use(。・_・。)ノ

So with that, now
I’m going to recording!!

Younger sister-tan

(2010.11.30 14:40)

Good afternoon★

Yesterday? Well, today☆
I watched the anime OreImo in real time`ω´

There are a lot of parts of Kirino that I can always sympathize with (^ω^)

We’re both wotaku lol

During yesterday’s broadcast (if you haven’t seen it yet, watch out), Kirino was told “I love you, Onii-chan” by the younger sister in his game, and he repeated it

I do that too(。・ω・。)

No matter how many times you listen to moe phrases, it’s exciting, right?

When I’m reading manga too, it runs wild on repeat in my head!

Well, my favorite moe phrase is

I love lines like “President, your face is bright red” that Usui-kun said to the president in Kaichou wa Maid-sama(●´∀`●)/

And when he says it in a bullying kind of way

It’s good, right?!

Now that I think about it

Today is the last day of November(=・ω・)/

Everyone, thank you for this month too (^ω^)

Please support me next month too (^q^)

Ah! By the way, I have recording now!

Bye bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ