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There’s an announcement★Nacchan

(2011.03.31 22:41)

Good evening

In Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s radio show “Watarirouka Hashiritai 7” that airs late at night on Monday through Thursday on Nippon Broadcasting, continuing from last week, this week is Harugon, Ayarin, and Nacchan in charge

Today is the last broadcast of March

We mentioned it in yesterday’s broadcast, but……….
Today there’s “important news”



White world. Harugon

(2011.03.31 22:36)

Good evening!
I was able to meet you today too.

I went to snowy mountains!! It was cold, but
snow really is pretty!

It doesn’t snow much in Tokyo, so my tension was high!
we went diving in the snow! Snow is fluffy like a futon.
Like you’re riding on top of the clouds!!

was totally filled with fun! It’s okay sometimes, right…?

Or always! lolol

In Tokyo, it’s getting a little like spring, so it’s easy to get through the days.

It seems like the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom soon.

That’s what day today was!
Everyone, what kind of day did you have?
Even if it’s just once a day
it’ll be fun if you smile!!!

Let’s meet again here tomorrow too.

Good night.


(2011.03.31 14:15)

Around lunch time, I took a little bit of a walk with Rai

Up until now, I’ve only been able to take Rai on small walks at night, so going for a walk when the sun is out was the first time in a while

I went on roads around my elementary school that I don’t usually go on, and there was a new park

We went leisurely, farther than usual

Well then, theater performances started again yesterday

Today is a Team B performance!!

I was really looking forward to today

Because I think AKB48 is only like this because of theater performances……

We decreased the amount of lights used to save electricity, and the stage isn’t moving

But it’d be good if we could use the members’ power to make it so people don’t even feel it


Wasamin, congratulations on switching agencies!!
I’m sad she’s leaving my agency, but it’s so Wasamin can get closer to her dream, so it’s happy!!



(2011.03.31 14:13)

Good afternoon★

Today I had fighting practice.

It’s fun, but it’s tough.

But if I practice, leveling up shouldn’t be just a dream!

I’ll do my best!

Today it’s sunny outside and warm, so I’m happy!

It was raining last night and there was thunder, so I was wondering what was going to happen, but…

I’m really glad today is sunny.

From Lovetan.

Sleeping children will grow. Harugon

(2011.03.30 17:55)

It’s Harugon!
I was able to meet with everyone today too.

I did a photoshoot and recording.
the photoshoot was tough, my head was in full rotation.
The recording was
fun too
everyone is funny!!

I had muscular pain and such from yesterday, so I was a little tired.

I have to sleep early.

when you’re tired
please sleep early.
If you do that, you’ll be full of energy the next day!!!

Harugon is full
of energy every day!!

Well then.
Let’s meet again


(2011.03.29 23:12)


Today we had a performance while conserving electricity.

250 people came to see us.

Being able to convey our smiles to everyone in a performance makes me happy!

At the very end, we were able to sing “Dareka no Tame ni”.

We were able to convey our feelings through the song and become connected, I think.

While we were singing, the figures of everyone who was on the news came into my mind and my tears overflowed.

It seems like I’m still a weak person.

But by meeting everyone, I was able to get a lot of energy.

It was a very fun performance

Thank you very much.

From Lovetan.

It’s fun. Harugon

(2011.03.29 23:03)

Good evening.
I was able to meet you today too.

The performance finished!
It was purely fun.

Somehow I feel like it was the best
up until now!
The feeling of unity from the fans
and the group of members
The theater really became one!

Harugon did it with such an energetic smile
that it’ll reach even the people
who couldn’t come today.

Having fun is important.

Let’s meet tomorrow too.

PS Wasami, congratulations on switching agencies. Good luck!

Good night.