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[Become happy with smiles ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.09.30 12:41)

Good morning(*δvδ*)ノ

Yesterday I had Purara skit filming
until late at night

It was super fun
I laughed a lot LOL

We did that kind of thing…lolol

Everyone, look forward to it///

Well then, today is filming

Today will be long too, but
I’ll do my best *б∀б

Now that I think about it…
I’ve been chosen for Team Kameari
on Young Jump’s cover・゜

I was chosen
as a selected member
by Akimoto Osamu-sensei
who created KochiKame (;_;)

Isn’t that amazing?←←

When I heard, I was happy
and really felt lucky///

It’s on sale now, so
everyone, look at it *б∀б


Cellphone? Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.09.29 22:35)

(*゜□^*)↑Good evening

Harugon is sleepy
from rehearsal and shoots!

Today was well-spent(b’v`●)b

Somehow spending every day well
is a good thing♪

I’m thankful to the people around me(* ´ I`)ノ


Now that I think about it
I’m able to use
my cellphone pretty well now(o・∇・o)

I noticed it while I was using it, but
lately cellphones are too convenient!

You can do a lot of things
It’s amazing(笑▽笑)

I’ll study cellphones!!


I have strict rehearsal
for three days starting tomorrow!!

Anpanman Σ┗|゜д゜* | What the heck


I think I mean, I’ll do my best
like Anpanman LOL

Good night}(pж_ж)zZ..

Nico Live゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2011.09.29 22:28)

Before and after AKB’s original skit show “Bimyo” on Hikari TV, Myao, Yuuko-chan, Sakiko, Komori and I appeared on a live broadcastヾ(*’∀’*)ノ

I ended up with Myao in the Nico Live group through drawing lots☆

Yay ∩^ω^∩

Seeing the comments go by is really fun*´ω`つ゛

I want the chicken hut and pheromone detective to become series(´Д`)ノ

Next is going to be broadcast on October 6th!

There’s a rebroadcast so please watch it!

I don’t know when the skits I’m in are going to air, so
please check it out★・ω・b


The shortness of a day-tan

(2011.09.29 21:18)

Good evening★

Today I had work by myself\(^O^)/

I’ll notify everyone again when I can announce it゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

What is it? What is it?

After that I went to AKB work(。・ω・。)

I did recording and a lesson(´∀`)

The lesson was tough, I remembered my irritation with myself LOL

Just joking♪

Tomorrow is filming!

It’s early in the morning and I don’t know what to do, so anyway, I’ll go home and take a bath!

What do you think?

Okay, I’ll do that←←

From Lovetan.


(2011.09.29 17:50)

Today the skit show on Hikari TV “Bimyo~” is airing for the first time at 19:15~★・ω・b

And there’s a live broadcast starting at 19:00!

The members are Myao, Sakiko, Komori, Yuuko-chan, and meヾ(*’∀’*)ノ

It’s a premium preview event on Nico Live!

Please watch it(●´―`●)


Cold at night゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2011.09.29 15:01)

We’ve hit the season where it’s hard to dry your hair

It’s really annoying to dry it when you get out of the bath(;´Д`)ノ

In elementary school I would go to bed without drying it

without worrying about my bangs

I also did it all back sometimes, and parted in the center

But when I became a middle schooler I noticed the color

And when I entered AKB I learned about irons, and ironed it every morning

When I got into high school, I would blow-dry my bangs and if I felt like it I’d curl it

………I’ve strayed from the subject, but
unlike elementary school, I’ve dried my hair before sleeping in summer, winter, and of course fall (and spring).

It’s already my custom, so if I leave it wet I can’t sleep! (Though I do sometimes. LOL)

I recommend “drying while”

My top two are
1. while brushing my teeth
2. while messing with my phone

And then I do a perfect treatment that doesn’t wash away, and it’s done!

Well, how should I arrange my hair today…………then I remembered!

Today I wore a wig for the Purara skit filming so I don’t have to arrange it((((;;´д`))

So, I’m off!


[Yes, I’m energetic today too. ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.09.29 10:28)

Good morning(*δvδ*)ノ

Today is a photoshoot today

By the way, my beloved members
are here, so I’m happy *б∀б
It’ll be fun・゜

Now that I think about it
in yesterday’s performance, my 1/48
confession video played/// *blush*

But really, it was earlier, so
I looked young lololololol

Members told me

You’ve really gotten cute!

I blushed

Though it’s not like that LOL

So, everyone
I like the rejection scene a lot, so
please reject me.


I’m joking.

Don’t reject me.←←

Everyone, look forward to the release

I’m going to work*б∀б