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Morning! Nakagawa Haruka(^3^)-☆

(2012.07.13 10:52)

I’m still a little tired today(+.+)(-.-)(__)..zzZZ


But I’m awake properly (>_<)

Lately it's been hot.

But I like the heat
better than the cold!

which do you like?

But maybe there are
a lot of people bad with heat(^^ゞ?

I'm going to do my best to get through this year without using the AC to save energy!!

As much as I can!

Well~ I’m going to do my best today too!


Ami-chan♪ Nakagawa Haruka(^3^)-☆

(2012.06.09 21:48)

Good evening!!

Yesterday was Ami-chan’s
birthday showヾ(^▽^)ノ

She turned 17!!

Ami-chan’s charm point is her eyebrows♪

Ami’s always worried about her eyebrows.

I love those eyebrows♪
Because they’re cute and her face is pretty and they suit her!

If she didn’t have the eyebrows
she wouldn’t be Ami-chan!


Ami-chan is
really like a little sister to me, she’s cute but also has adult-ish points…
She stays up to practice choreography
and is really serious♪

I love that Ami-chan(*⌒▽⌒*)


Tomorrow is a handshake event!

I’ll do my best
to talk a lot! LOL


It seems like they’ll be selling goods too♪

Please take a look!


(2012.06.08 22:57)

Good evening★

Today was Ami-chan’s birthday show!

Everyone wore eyebrows ^^

Exciting☆It was fun

Ami-chan, happy birthday (^ω^)

From Lovetan.

Radio, then-tan

(2011.11.22 18:21)

Good evening★

Today I had radio recording for “Asu Made Mou Chotto.” for Bunka Broadcasting(。・ω・。)

The members were Wasamin, Ayarin, Reinyan, and Aamin☆☆☆

It was a pretty leisurely feeling LOL

I was able to tell K-tarou-san the things I wanted to say!

It was really fun, then


With Wasamin~

Lately I’ve been going to Harajuku a lot, baby♪♪♪

It’s almost like I live in Harajuku LOL

I shopped for a long time today too (-ω-)

I bought more berets(/▽\)♪

I’m thinking I want to s how them off!!

Ah~ it’s fun

I’ll do my best tomorrow too~

From Lovetan.

[Radio, then~… ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.11.22 16:19)

a performance~(´▽`)ノ

It’s my first performance in
a really really long time・゜

I’ve been absent a lot lately, so
it’s a little worrying(つω・。`)

But I’m looking forward to it///

I’m excited

By the way, I was doing
*Asu Made Mou Chotto*
recording until now!!

I was with
Reinyan, Lovetan
Wasamin, and Aamin*б∀б

All high school girls


Everyone, definitely listen///

So, I’m going with Reinyan
to the theater*・゜

I’ll do my best in the performance!!

Bye bye! Harugon blog(^3^)/

(2011.11.19 07:33)

(●´v`人)Morning゜*. ☆

It’s cold today too
I couldn’t get out of my futon

Recently it’s really been cold…

So, today
I’m going on a plane to Singapore(・∀・)♪+.゜

for the first time in a whileヾ(^▽^)ノ

I love


I kept telling my manager
I wanted to go, so finally
I can appear
in a Singapore performance♪


Yesterday Aamin
stayed over at my house
and we reviewed together
I’m looking forward to the performance(>∀<*)☆♪☆♪

Fans in Singapore, wait for us♪

And fans in Japan
I'm leaving for a bit(/_;)/~~

Wait until
I get back☆~( ´∀`)o_彡☆

I’m going~!

At Harugon’s house. Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.11.07 20:58)

★。・+゜・。(*u_u)< Good evening

Today, after work finished
Lovetan came
to Harugon’s house!!

She came to sleep overヾ(^▽^)ノ

For dinner
Lovetan said
she wanted Korean stew

I cooked for the first time in a while(´∪`*)

I can cookAha

It’s like this.

How is it?

It was super delicious♪(*>∀<)b☆★

Aamin came
in the middle too
and said

"I'm hungry!"
so we made
udon and eggs(*^-゜)v Yay♪

She said
it was delicious!

I'm glad♪

I took a bath
and waited on the sofa(*'v'*)

I'm sleepy LOL

Tomorrow is early in the morning, so
we'll sleep early!

☆^(*≧ω≦)ノ~~~βyё βyё♪