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North wind-tan

(2012.02.27 21:58)

Good evening★

Today the north wind is strong, it’s freezing LOL

And it’s gotten pretty pollen-y recently, sneezes have been causing me trouble…

I’m wearing a mask every day…

Today I went to the salon Nozofisu produces, Maron, to fix my nails!

The nailist who does my nails is graduating in March, it’s too bad.

Because I probably won’t be able to go in March~


Tomorrow is a performance (^ω^)

Look forward to it (>_<)

Forward to what? LOL

From Lovetan.


Girl power-tan

(2011.09.07 23:00)

Good evening★

The place that I went to up my girl power today was

the nail salon, “Maron”

that Nozofisu manages(。・ω・。)

They made my nails pretty\(^O^)/

After that, I went to Harajuku’s Pretty-san

and picked up some clothes (-ω-)

I haven’t decided when to wear them, but

when I do, I’ll put up pictures o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o

And today was Miichan’s MoshiKimi final performance(´∀`)

I went to see it☆

Suzuki-kun and Miichan’s pair was the best!

Miichan, congrats on your final performance (^q^)

She was nervous before it started

and when I was going home she was crying, so I hugged her LOL

I love Miichan

There are two days left of MoshiKimi

Tomorrow is Ayarin and Shirahama-kun’s pair(。・ω・。)

Do your best~

From Lovetan.

Fully enjoying-tan

(2011.04.27 20:38)

Good evening★

Today I had a day off (・ω・)

I fully enjoyed it!

I went to play at Maron, which is managed by Nozofisu(。・ω・。)

After that, I went to the dentist♪♪

He’s a very kind dentist, so I always accidentally say selfish things LOL

I spent today really leisurely, and did everything I wanted to do, so I’m glad☆☆☆

From Lovetan.


(2010.11.19 11:20)


It looks like the girl version of “Yukio” that I introduced just now

It’s pretty smaller than “Yukio”.

“Yukiko” is a Nozofisu-brand tailヽ(‘v’●)

Comparing “Yukio” and “Yukiko” looks like this.



(2010.09.17 19:00)


Today was a photoshoot for Shounen Sunday (^з^)-☆

Everyone was warm and kind, so it was fun (^O^)

After that I went to Maron which Nozofisu is producing♪

Today I just went in to take off the nails I had before

Now I’m done and I’m going to eat my mom’s home cooking (。・ω・。)

But then we’re going shopping (ーー;)


I don’t have any fall clothes (つд;*)

It can’t be helped, right~

Bye bye byeccha(*^-^)ノ

After that…゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2010.09.10 21:14)

I went with Lovetan to

the Nozofisu-produced

nail salonMARON(*QωQ*)

For some reason MARON calms me down ∩ω`*

Everyone, please go there~



(2010.08.31 22:38)

After the photoshoot, I went on a trip alone to Shibuya

And I ended up going shopping again


One thing I bought was something I thought I wanted when I went shopping with Lovetan

One thing I bought was because an outfit in a photoshoot was super cute, I thought I wanted something similar but a different color

One thing I bought………………

was an impulse buy, but I’ve wanted something like it for a while

There was one other thing I wanted, but I was able to hold back(P∀・。`)。Nacchan’s great

I want to Nozofisu aka Kawasaki Nozomi-chan’s nail salon “Maron”☆

This time I went for a “simple is best” feeling(●*’∪’)ノ☆+゜

Truthfully I think this was a well-spent day, I’m satisfied