Girl power-tan

(2011.09.07 23:00)

Good evening★

The place that I went to up my girl power today was

the nail salon, “Maron”

that Nozofisu manages(。・ω・。)

They made my nails pretty\(^O^)/

After that, I went to Harajuku’s Pretty-san

and picked up some clothes (-ω-)

I haven’t decided when to wear them, but

when I do, I’ll put up pictures o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o

And today was Miichan’s MoshiKimi final performance(´∀`)

I went to see it☆

Suzuki-kun and Miichan’s pair was the best!

Miichan, congrats on your final performance (^q^)

She was nervous before it started

and when I was going home she was crying, so I hugged her LOL

I love Miichan

There are two days left of MoshiKimi

Tomorrow is Ayarin and Shirahama-kun’s pair(。・ω・。)

Do your best~

From Lovetan.

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