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(2012.05.03 15:01)

Good afternoon!
It’s Mayuyu♪

The other day, on 4/28
I went to the opening night of Takarazuka Kagekidan Flower Troupe’s national tour

“Nagai Haru no Hate ni / Kanon”

at Ichikawa Bunka Kaikan☆
With Mutti ^^ It was Mutti’s first time seeing the Flower Troupe!

This time, “Nagai Haru no Hate ni” was another showing of the show done by the Moon Troupe in 2002
It was a really lovely story~ ^^♪

First, Ranju Tomu-san playing Stephane with blonde hair, white clothes, and glasses
was so beautiful and cool it was out of this world…thank you very much! I’m happy!

Ranno Hana-san playing Eva was really cute! Cute!
Sou Kazuho-san playing Claude had a really sharp gaze when she was dancing in the operation outfit, it was cool…♪

And most importantly…

Asaka Manato-san playing Arnaud was really really cool…!! LOL

She was really lovely in both the suit and the orange filler outfit ^^ Ukya
Ahhhh~~ cool! I can’t sleep thinking about it. Ahhhhhh

Sorry, I got distracted LOL

Anyway, I couldn’t get enough of it since I love medical stuff.
White outfits and glasses are really what I love to see!!

And “Kanon”!!

It was even more powered up than last time~!
I really love Kanon♪
I get so excited at the song in the prologue, I love it ^^ Daimon-san and Kiki-san are in it now, I was excited~

The tanguera scene was really sexy and cool~! Purple suits!!
It was really the best…I love this scene too much!
The actresses playing males were really cool. Really beautiful ^^♪

Daimon-san was beautiful as usual and her singing voice….too beautiful (>_<)!
Mutti was moved too~

The Flower Troupe really is the best!
I love them~!!
I got even more incentive again!

Okay, I have to work hard too~~ ^^!!

Well, today there's the B5th
performance at TDC Hall for
"Minogashita Kimitachi e 2"!

I'll do my best-mayuyu today too☆

Ranju-san is really cool…ah, at the handshake event the other day, I talked with Shawako about Takarazuka so much it was annoying←(^-^)/ I really was excited at blonde hair, white clothes, and glasses LOL

Everyone, please go see the Flower Troupe’s national tour♪
It’s really wonderful!
I want a lot of people to see it☆
There are a lot of seats, so you’ll definitely get excited! LOL

I have performances in Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan for three days starting tomorrow.
Ah~~ I want to go to Kyuushuu too!! LOL

…Ah, I’m sorry.
When it comes to Takarazuka I can talk for ages, so I’ll stop myself here (>_<)

Well then
everyone who I'm meeting at TDC Hall later, please support me♪
Let's get excited together!!

From Mayuyu



(2011.12.25 22:27)

Good evening!
Nice-guy Mayuyu is going to write about AKB Kouhaku!

On the 20th, at TDC Hall
there was AKB Taikou Kouhaku Uta Gassen♪

It’s already nostalgic (>_<)

Nice-guy Mayuyu-san was
on the white team with Oshiriko-chan!
I was convinced from the beginning that the white team would win!

Everyone did a unit shuffle
I sang "Temodemo no Namida" with my beloved Jurina♪

Temodemo is really a godly song, I’ve always wanted to try singing it (^o^) Happy☆

And I was happy to sing it with Jurina-chan\(^o^)/CenNezu!

Next I’m hoping for a Center and Nezumi Kinjirareta Futari!
We’ll do it sometime!

It was my first time with the Temodemo costume
Like my mom’s hand-me-downs (^o^)☆

In the end, I was really happy the white team won!
Everyone who cheered for us, thank you very much♪

SKE and NMB and HKT was too cute, I was watching from the stands behind them (>__<) Pigtails are the best!

Just cheering from the stands was really fun!
I got too into it! For the first time in a while!
I stared too much at Kaoru-kun…)^o^(

Anyway, it'll be nice if we can do it again next year!
JKT was full of really cute girls, I'm shocked\(^o^)/

Later! Good night!
I'm sleepy! Let's do our best in the drama tomorrow too!

Let's do our best-mayuyu o(^▽^)o

So, have a lovely Christmas!

From Mayuyu


(2011.12.14 22:36)

Yesterday, the final seiyuu audition for the TV anime



I was really nervous…
But I definitely wanted to make it, so I worked really hard!!
Everyone who cheered for me, thank you very much.

I, Watanabe Mayu

passed safely!

I’m really glad…
My name wasn’t called for a while, so
“ahh, I didn’t make it…”
Just as I was about to give up, my name was called at the end, I was really happy!
I was relieved and almost started crying but I held back LOL

I was really really happy!
I’m glad I did my best!

In this world
if you work hard something good will definitely happen, so you can’t stop.
It’s fun~ really!

Mayuyu’s beloved director Kawamori is helping out with this production, so
to be able to work with the director Kawamori whom I respect so much…
It’s really like a dream (^o^)!
I’m glad I’m alive!

The crew is too gorgeous with people like Ootsuki-san and Okada Marie-san, is it really okay for me to be part of it?! LOL
I think I want to do my best so I don’t become an annoyance to the staff.

Congrats to all of the nine (eight not including me) selected seiyuu
who were chosen in this audition!
And congrats to the four who got the special judge’s award!
Let’s work together to make a lovely work from now on (^o^)

I’m looking forward to it~~~!
I’ll do my best!

Within the chosen seiyuu
SKE48’s Shawako aka Hata Sawako-chan, who I’ve been close with lately.

Of course, we’re both Takarazuka wota, so every time we meet we talk about Takarazuka
Flowers are blooming\(^o^)/Ran Tomu-san is too cool
I’m glad it seemed to calm Shawako down before the show!

And NMB48’s Kinoshita Momoka-chan!

We finally exchanged mail addresses~ She’s always doing suspicious behavior, she’s funny\(^o^)/LOL
It’s okay if you use the same tension you have in your blog~!
It’ll be nice if we could become close friends (^o^)

But really~
I’m looking forward to AKB0048!

I’ll definitely make it a lovely show!
Everyone, please look forward to it~

I’m counting on you☆

From Mayuyu


(2011.12.02 09:07)

Good morning

The day before yesterday
we appeared on Best Artist 2011!

Kaze wa Fuiteiru
Pareo wa Emerald
Heavy Rotation

It was a special medley of those☆

We had new costumes for this too, but the HeavyRota costumes were particularly intense (^o^)!


Too cute~ cat ears are good!
They’re like the HeavyRota PV, really cute~

Everyone was really cute wearing cat ears, I’m full.
Cuteness is justice.

And and, I talked about Takarazuka with Shawako-san again\(^o^)/
She went to the Cosmos Troupe earlier, so her thoughts on that! Nice guy!

Parent and child

today Warota is appearing on Waratte Ii Tomo!!
Everyone, watch it!

I’ll do my best-mayuyu
today too~ o(^▽^)o

From Mayuyu


(2011.11.05 20:07)

Strike both hands and raise your knee~~~!!!



the day before yesterday

there was a handshake event in Hiroshima!!

Everyone who came, thanks~~!!
We used to do handshake events in a place like a department store parking lot in Hiroshima.

Now we get to do handshake events in huge venues.

I’m happy!
I’m thankful to everyone.
I’m full of thankful feelings.

I’ll continue to
do my best!!

On the way back, we ate okonomiyaki.

Oh, delicious! Delicious!
They were grilled in front of us. Thanks!

The store name was “Atom”
When I saw “Tomu” written in big hiragana letters, that came to mind.
The person Shawako-san loves so much. Hehe

But really~
I got full in a lot of ways☆
Seriously delicious!

I want to go again!

Tomorrow is Fukuoka!
We’ll fly all over Japan!

Everyone, take care of us☆

From Mayuyu

Le Poisoooooooon\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2011.10.26 22:32)

Good afternoon!
It’s Mayuyu!

What did Mayuyu do yesterday…

I went to see Takarazuka’s Flower Troupe’s nation-wide tour♪

The location was Act City Hamamatsu!
That’s right! It’s the place where my fated meeting with Erefu was in August, I know.

It’s nostalgic~ I dashed from the station to Act City~

But for me to go to Hamamatsu alone, I’m too serious!
I like the Flower Troupe that much!


“Chiisa na Hana ga Hiraita”

It was a very warm and relaxing story, so I was happy ^^

Ranju Tomu-san was cooler than I expected, I was shocked…no way(^ω^;)

Oricchan appeared too, she was too cute…I think her happiness when she was struck by Shigeji-san was very good.

The children were really cute too!
Acchan is cute! An angel!
I can’t get enough of Kikuji’s young boy voice (^q^) hehe

Mayuyu looked forward to this the most…

“Le Poison, Love’s Aphrodisiac II”

It’s hereeeeeeee(゜∀゜)!!!
It really was the best, just as rumored!
It seems like Shawako-san loves this too ^^

I like Le Poison~(・∀・)Yes!
The songs are good~ Mebuki-san’s singing voice is lovely~
Daimon-san is good at singing ^^

Suits! Suspenders! Ranju Tomu-san! Hips!

Le Poisooooooon!
Le Poisooooooon!

My head is all Le Poison!
Endless repeat!
I’m totally addicted!


And on the way back
I went home while reading a magazine I bought at the goods sale

Ranju Tomu-san keeps being more and more of a handsome man…I can’t get enough of the RanRan combo\(^o^)/!

That Flower Troupe-san nation-wide tour
goes across the country
until November 13th!

In the play, you laugh and cry and feel warm
and the show has a “le poisoooooon” feel, I recommend it a lot(b^-゜)☆

If you have the time, please go see it♪

From Mayuyu