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[Wait wait~… ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.11.14 07:11)

Everyone across the country. Good morning

Today is a Warota 7 photoshoot starting in the morning*・゜


Ogi Matsuri’s final rehearsal!

Eh, wait wait wait~…

Isn’t tomorrow the actual show.←←

No way no way no way

The pressure is that
there’s only two days of rehearsal.

I have to concentrate
in the final rehearsal today (;_;)

I’m frantic, but
I’m also looking forward to it LOL


Kikuchi-san will
do her best for everyone
who’s coming to see itノ▽ノ)


Cherry cherry-tan

(2011.11.13 20:43)

Good evening★

Today was a secret photoshoot( ̄b ̄)!!

I became *that* for the first time in my life LOL

Please wait for the details♪

It’s still only about 9, but it feels really late~ (>_<)

My body is tired~
It's not a cold, just fatigue…LOL

Tomorrow is early too, so I'm going to sleep early tonight (^ω^)

From Lovetan.


(2011.11.13 19:15)

The noon performance was an enpou performance ∩^ω^∩

Between performances, everyone exchanged clothes we don’t wear anymore!

Amina-chan, Yuka-chan, and Nacchan brought some
Amina-chan and I were really into it! LOL

It was fun(//∀//)

The times call for being eco!!!!!
Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

For the on demand comment, I drew a portrait of Komori, and Komori drew a portrait of Nacchan☆

But it didn’t look like me at all so she drew it again on a separate piece of paper(;´Д`)

……I wonder if it resembles me?

I think the hair is really good\(^o^)/

I think the portrait I drew in the on demand comment resembles her ∩^ω^∩



(2011.11.12 22:59)

Everyone who came to the handshake event
thank you very muchヾ(*’∀’*)ノ

There were people who already said “have a nice year”
and “I’m going to Ogi Matsuri” “I’m going to a Kibou Sanmyaku event”
and people who had their birthdays recently
It was really fun to be able to talk with everyone!

In the afternoon I was told I looked tired, but…
I wasn’t!

I wasn’t tired at all in the afternoon!
This is normal!
My eyes aren’t that big! LOL

I think everyone who came in the morning will understand!←←←

And I’m sorry for not being able to remember names very well!
It would be nice if I had the skill to remember names after only hearing them once, but sadly I don’t(>_<)

So I'll be really happy if instead of saying "do you remember my name?" you say "I'm ____"!
Every time if possible(´▽`*)LOL

So, please support me in future handshake events too(*´з`*)

And ∩^ω^∩
A lot of people said this in the handshake event, but
AKB48 Nemousu TV season 8 is starting at 6pm tomorrow(ю:】

The first broadcast is “Center players”

It’s Miichan, Wasamin, Reinyan, Moeno, Chikarina, and Nacchan

Please watch it(оωО`*)♪

And “Watarirouka Hashiritai 7” airing tomorrow at 21:30 on Nippon Broadcasting is Ayarin, Komorin, and Nacchan(*/ω\*)

Please listen(оωО`*)♪

With that, good night★・ω・b



(2011.11.12 22:39)

Good evening★

Today was a handshake event at Makuhari Messe (-ω-)


I heard people lie and say “Lovetan said to set 15 alarms, so I did”, I thought like “” LOL

But thanks to yesterday’s blog, there were fewer people who overslept☆☆Everyone, thank you very much for waking up early for me♪

And my outfit today was this

I did “Shakugan no Shana” cosplay.

But really~ I think black hair was better.

I didn’t really get told it was cute, so I’ll do my best to be told that I’m cute more next time(。・ω・。)

Thank you very much today too!
Please come to play again

From Lovetan.

[Gripping event ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.11.12 21:36)

The handshake event finished…

Everyone who came for us
thank you very
very much(〃ノ▽ノ)

I’m thankful thankful thankful!!

The conversations with everyone
were super
from morning to the end///

I was smiling the whole time*・゜

Happy happy happy (^O^)

Everyone, thanks for
the fun time

I think my legs are tired *cries*

Take a nice long bath and warm
your body(´・ω・`)

Everyone, an early good night


(2011.11.12 12:19)

The first and second parts finished!

Sorry if I seemed sleepy!

I’m going to take a nap!

(I’m going to rest!)