(2011.11.11 20:01)

Good evening★

Today was filming for AKB’s skit show on Hikari TV(。・ω・。)

It was fun゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

Last time, I did Unao and Umeko’s story, it was really tough LOL

I had a lot of lines this time too, and it was tough, but I did my best for the sake of laughs(`Δ´)

Now that I think about it, it’s raining today(つд;*)

I don’t like carrying an umbrella, so I don’t like the rain

Well, I have a cute umbrella, so it’s okay (-_-)lol

Well then, tomorrow is handshaking in Makuhari Messe

Lately it’s been cold and people have been oversleeping, so if you’re coming in the morning, set 15 alarms before you sleep lolol

Though I’m scared myself

From Lovetan.

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