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[Watarirouka Hashiritai~ 7! ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.09.27 23:02)

Hi, it’s Ayapan
aka Kikuchi AyakaLOL

*Ayapan is the nickname
I use when on NOTTV’s
Anta Dare?. Yes.

Well, yesterday was my beloved
beloved Warota 7 radio recording*・゜

This time was CinDy, Lovetan
and Ayarin!!

It was the first time with this combination

This time was super duper fun too
and really exciting (ノ)ω(ヾ)

Everyone, please listen///

We couldn’t stop laughing. LOL

And I was happy to meet CinDy
for the first time in a while

Let’s get all of Warota 7 together
and have a party (∵*)

It seems like CinDy
can make delicious food
and sweets…///

That’s exciting, CinDy!!

CinDy, thanks!!←←←

Well, tomorrow is NOTTV*・゜

I’ll do my best o(`^´*)



(2012.08.02 19:09)

Good afternoon★

Yahho~ ^^

Today I went to Hiroshima~

For the preliminaries of Koukousei Quiz~(=・ω・)/

Hiroshima was very hot (;_;)

Sweat ^ロ^; Sweat ^ロ^;

I fully enjoyed Hiroshima~

I usually only go for handshake events so I can’t go sight-seeing☆☆☆

It was very fun♪

From Lovetan.

[Kantou tournament ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.07.30 16:02)

Yesterday was the Kantou tournament
for Koukousei Quiz(ノ)ω(ヾ)

All of the high schoolers
who participated in this heat
thank you very much・゜

There was a girl who cosplayed
Shounen yo Uso wo Tsuke!
I was super excited
and happy///

She was super duper cute

Koukousei Quiz
is still continuing ⊂ニニ( ^ω^)ニ⊃

We’ll continue to cheer for everyone
and get everyone pumped up!!

Because we’re the cheering squad
for Koukousei Quiz

So, Komorin and I
are going to participate in
the Kinki tournament on August 4th
and the Chuubu tournament on August 5th!!!

It’s the KomoAya combo

It’s the best!!!←←

I’m looking forward to
meeting everyone

[Premium event ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.07.06 20:24)

The premium event
just finished (*^^*)

It was a 120-second conversation event・゜

Everyone who won

The chosen heroes o(`^´*)

The talk with us both sitting and really close
was super fun

I want to do this event again!

Please let us do it, PonyCan! LOL

Well then, now we’re
going to return to the location
of the filming we did this morning to do more work(ノ)ω(ヾ)

I’ll do my best*・゜

CinDy made
this photo

It’s good and too lovely lololol

She’s a pro(ノ)ω(ヾ)

[Yubi Matsuri! ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.06.25 13:15)


Today is finally finally
Yubi Matsuri!!

No, no way…

I was looking forward to it so much I couldn’t sleep LOL

That’s how much I”m looking forward to it

I’m looking forward to it, but I’m nervous.

Warota 7 can’t lose
to all the other idols.

I’ll do my best
to make everyone coming
think that
“Warota 7 was the best!”o(`^´*)

I’ll be really happy if
they like us more…///

So Warota 7 is
going to work together
to get everyone pumped up⊂⌒~⊃。Д。)⊃

Everyone coming
let’s enjoy it together・゜

So, recently I went to
the beauty salon
to fix my hair(*ノωノ)

Of course…!


He gave me
color and

Wazaki-san, thank you very much!

[Koukousei Quiz! ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.06.24 20:36)

I’m back from Okinawa

My first time in Okinawa
really was the best!!

Anyway, I’m moved moved moved!!

Today I went to Okinawa for
Koukousei Quiz to cheer
and then came back!!

But really~ Okinawa is amazing!!←←

Everyone’s really passionate!!

Everyone’s eagerness is passionate!!

More high schoolers than I thought
gathered, I was
super happy

I was really moved watching everyone
answer the quiz questions
and it was really fun for
us, who were just cheering for everyone・゜

Koukousei Quiz will

Everyone, work hard
to aim for #1*・゜

We’ll cheer for you
with all our might!!

Let’s make the best memories
together o(`^´*)

Everyone in Okinawa
good work!!

And thanks
for the fun time…・゜

The Okinawa sea was really pretty。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

It was too pretty
I was excited the whole
time with CinDy. Yes. LOL

Thanks, Okinawa…。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

[Smiling ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.06.19 20:31)

My first entry in a while…

The day before yesterday was an individual handshake event*・゜

Everyone who came
thank you very very much (*^^*)

At this handshake event, we talked
a lot about the election
and how it’s my birthday soon!

Everyone who congratulated me
early, thank you very much/// LOL

I’ll be 19 in a little bit~…


It went by in the blink
of an eye, and I’m looking forward to
the day we can meet next*・゜

And in the high school quiz
it was decided that CinDy and
I would go to Okinawa(〃ノωノ)

M-my first time in Okinawa~~~!!!!


I’ve really really wanted
to go to Okinawa, so I’m
looking forward to it

Okay, everyone, wait for me!!