Musha Kora-tan

(2011.09.05 22:38)

Good evening★

Today was bayfmON8 Hashira Night with AKB48

The members were all Team A: Mocchii, Wasamin, Lovetan\(^O^)/

Did you listen??

It was a pretty slow radio show LOL

But it was fun ゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

Everyone who listened, thank you very much

Now that I think about it
it’s already September!

I’m going to make this fall a fashion fall

Really! I love lolita (-ω-)

In particular, pastel colors

I’m going to wear lolita clothes tomorrow too♪

I’ll put it up on my blog!

In yesterday’s handshake event in Nagoya, there were about 10 people who said “your outfit is cute! I’m looking forward to it!” so LOL

For those people too

Tomorrow is a photoshoot and a performance.

I’m looking forward to Wasamin’s hairstyle!! lolol

People who come to the show tomorrow might be lucky (>ω<)

From Lovetan.

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