The day after a happy thing happened-tan

(2011.10.27 15:14)

Good afternoon★

Yesterday, I had a photoshoot and recording and a performance…I had a busy day!

Yesterday’s A performance was Akicha’s birthday show!

Akicha whose personality makes it so you can’t tell whether she’s an adult or a child.

Am I the only one who doesn’t want her to change? LOL

Akicha, happy birthday

And yesterday a good thing happened…

The other day, Warota 7 had an interview for my beloved KERA

And then I said I like AKIRA-sama, so

AKIRA-sama sent KERABOKU! to the agency\(^O^)/

When I looked closely

There’s AKIRA-sama’s autograph~

What is this?!!!!

It’s an heirloom

And it has my name

Uwahh, a nosebleed!

Now that I’ve already gotten his signature, all that’s left is to get married lolol

Yeah, that’s it.

We have to get married soon

Thanks. Everyone in the world lolol

I can do my best on my diet nowwwwww

From Lovetan.

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