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[Tomorrow is what we’ve been waiting for~! ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2010.08.20 23:24)

A handshake event(*ノДノ)

Finally the handshake event
where I can talk with everyone
has arrivedPo

I think
it’ll be great if we can
have a fun day together・゜

Everyone, I’ll be waiting (*QωQ*)

By the way, the photo is
a portrait of me
drawn by Sayaka-chan lololol


[Today’s leading role ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2010.08.17 23:34)

My beloved Team K performance
was the most fun
today too

By the way, today’s performance
was the Team K’s lovely captain
birthday show(*゜∀゜)!

She’s always properly
watching over Team K
always energetic
always funny
always pretty

Lately both of us
have been making passes
at each otherlol

As a lady
she’s really too lovely(´;∀;`)

Sayaka-chan invited me
saying we should have a
takoyaki party together sometime, so
I’m really looking forward to itLOL


Really, happy

And let’s
get along from now on too

Ah~ I really love
Captain too much (*QωQ*)lol

And today
Miichan was out, so
Miorin appeared

You know…

Miorin is an angel, an angel((;゜Д゜))!!

She’s thin and too cute
and sooooo adorable
She’s really really
a goddess((;゜Д゜))

Miorin, thanks
for today・゜

And good work

The photoshoot finished~゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2010.07.29 14:27)

Today’s outfit was the B5th middle set polka-dot frilly outfit (・ω・)

I have too much free time until my next appointment

Even if the photoshoot is over, I’m not going home, I’m talking with some members~


The theme of the talk is Sasshii’s bangs←

There are more~

But I’m still free, so I was talking with Lovetan, but

Lovetan went to a photoshoot, so

I’m free again

I decided to go to play at the agency(。・_・。)ノ



How to spend the middle of the night゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2010.07.28 15:13)

While messing with the PC, on the radio

after I listened to last night’s “Watarirouka Hashiritai 7” on Nippon Housou and reflected on it

I listened to Sayaka-chan’s radio show (・ω・)

“Beach Sandal” from Team K 2nd “Seishun Girls” performance played

Well, I remember the past (-ω-)

Team B 1st was also “Seishun Girls”……….


It’s nostalgiiiiiiiiiiic\(^o^)/

The old songs are all godly songs

Everyone, please listen to the original songs as well

Personally, I like the 3rd for all teams


★Tanjoubi no Yoru

★Nounai Paradise

★Inochi no Tsukaimichi

★Kiss Shite Son Shichatta


★Tsuki no Katachi

★Namida Uri no Shoujo


★Nage Kiss de Uchi Otose



★Natsu ga Icchatta


★Hana to Chire

★Sougen no Kiseki

★Kataomoi no Sotsugyoushiki

★Theater Pirates

★Christmas ga Ippai

-Official stance-

I want everyone to know all of AKB’s good songs

-Real intentions-

I want to sing them at Setlist Best 100~~ something like that
Particularly Inochi no Tsukaimichi and Tsuki no Katachi←←

Just a jokeヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ



[Offshot part 2 ★ Harugon blog]

(2010.06.07 15:16)

Good afternoon

Now there’s a break time
for the movie filming


I’m going to put
some more
offshots from the handshake event

First is

I took it right as she decided what to eat

The one behind her is

She’s putting up her hair with lots of effort
it was cute

The second picture is

When I called out for Sayaka-chan she turned around for me

She’s super

I want to be like

The third picture is
my little sister Kuumin

Lately she’s become adult-ish
everyone tells me
I look like the little sister

Though Haruka
is older


Like this
being with members
is fun

The end

Those were Harugon’s

I still have
a lot left today, but
I’ll do my best
and have fun with everyone

[Smile★Ayarin *Oωo)]

About why there hasn’t been any Team K shows lately(xωx)←

Since shonichi, there haven’t been any shows so I haven’t appeared at all

The pretense has also become pretty suspicious LOL. *cries*

Over everything…

I want everyone in Team K to get together and meet up agaaaaain

I wonder when the next performance will be?

I want to stand on the stage for a performance and show everyone soon