[AKB Kouhaku ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.12.18 17:09)

Yesterday was the AKB Kouhaku
we’ve been looking forward to(*´д`*)

This year I was on the white team

And with Reinyan
and Mariyagi
we performed
Seifuku Resistance*・゜

Ah, we’re the same age(*´д`*)

Like it says in the lyrics
we’re all minors LOL

We’re still minors, huh(*´д`*)

I want to be an adult soon.

Anyway, I was super
happy to perform a unit
for the first time

We lost to the red team this year, but
it was fun from start to finish(*´д`*)

It’s like a festival///

I’m exhausted(*´д`*)

Well, now I”m going to
Warota radio recording

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