[Su~ Su~ Su~ ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.11.20 13:50)

Today is my beloved beloved
Suuchan’s birthday・゜

Suuchan, happy

Now that we’re on the same time
we’ve gotten even closer///

I’m confident I
know Suuchan more than anyone

And I’m confident I
love Suuchan more than anyone

Suuchan is mine. LOL

Sumire’s fans
I’m sorry m(_ _*)m←←

When I talk to her I realize
Suuchan has become more
adult-ish since before.

She’s really aware
of herself o(`^´*)

If I’m ever worried about anything
she’ll talk to me, I’m happy*・゜

The usual SuuAya◎

If you have any worries from now on
I’ll go talk to you right away o(`^´*)

I love Suuchan///

I hope you have a lovely year!

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