Hikaru Monotachi\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2012.11.21 15:40)

Good afternoon! It’s Mayuyu\(^o^)/

My, Watanabe Mayu’s, 3rd single!

“Hikaru Monotachi”

is being released! Waai!

Everyone, have you heard it yet?
This song is totally different from Mayuyu up until now, it’s a new type of electro sound song♪

I’m really happy to finally realize the theory that’s existed for so long about me being CG in my own single\(^o^)/So, the MV is pretty complicated, I like it!

The costume is really amazing!

It’s not an android…

it’s Mayuyuroid!\(^o^)/

There’s manga printed on the skirt, and tubes and other small details done really well.
Thank you very much, stylist-san (i_i) And I’m thankful to Aki Akane-san who designed it!

There are five versions of “Hikaru Monotachi”!

The regular version
limited editions Type A, B, C,
and a perfect edition!

There are bonus videos on the limited editions, it’s pretty gorgeous♪

By the way, I recommend and really like the video on Type C, “Mayutan tte Mahou Tsukaeru no?”(⌒▽⌒)

And the perfect edition this time is really amazing!
Famous illustrators and manga artists all drew Mayuyuroid (i_i) Like a dream…!!
Artists I’ve loved for a long time drew me, I’m too happy I can’t believe it!!
I want everyone else to see this miraculous moment too!
Please support the perfect edition!!

please listen to

“Hikaru Monotachi”♪

I’m counting on you☆

From Mayuyu

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