[My condition has gotten better. ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.10.24 11:02)

I’m sorry for making
all you fans worry (;_;)

My throat is a little off, but
my condition has gotten better!

Originally my throat hurt and
was getting swollen
and got really red
and when I was drinking things
it hurt a lot and got hot…
I had those symptoms for a while.

My throat is weak
and I have my tonsils (;_;) (;_;)

But it was the first time it’d been that bad
I was shocked myself.

But I went to the hospital a lot
and got an IV and got medicine
and slept early and rested so I
could get better
even just a little bit.

I’m really sorry
for missing the handshake event
and worrying and being annoying
to the fans looking
forward to it.

And the G+ comments were
like that too…
Thank you very much
for worrying about me (;_;)

I didn’t think that many people
would be worried for me
so I was happy.

I’m fine now

And I have my normal appetite

Smile-rinrin/// LOL

Today is the final Team K show!

It’s really lonely.

I really want to stay in Team K.

But where there are beginnings, there are also ends.

Anyway, I’ll enjoy it as much as I can
so I have no regrets!!

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