It’s raining. Nakagawa Haruka(^3^)-☆

(2012.10.18 22:17)

Good evening!

It was raining today!!
I hate the rain!!
Hurry up and stop!!

So today was a photoshoot♪There were members I haven’t met in a while, it was fun♪

It’s really fun
being with other members(≧∀≦)

And after that
I went on a date with Maria
and we ate foot.

In the evening…

I went to see Yuka’s play!

For the second time LOL

But no matter how many times I see it it’s fun♪

I want to keep watching it forever (^o^)

I love Yuka’s singing voice♪

It’s a singing voice that makes people happy!

I want to see it again. LOL

Yuka! Do your best until the final show, okayヾ(^▽^)ノ

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