[Hetappi Wink ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.10.05 14:50)

Yesterday was NOTTV・゜

There was a part where
we had to all see if we could
do a wink well…


I cant do it at all, it’s funny LOL

My face looks too funny LOL

That’s right.

I’m bad at winking (;_;)

My eyelids cramp up_| ̄|○゛←←←

I have to try a bunch of times and take a lot of time
before I can do it. Yes. LOL

But really, yesterday’s NOTTV
was too fun it hurt

The group was Chikarin*Mariyannu*

We split up into the Saitama group and Tokyo group
and then faced off, I moved
a ton_| ̄|○゛LOL

I wonder when my next NOTTV will be

I love NOTTV///Gahaha

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