[Watarirouka Hashiritai~ 7! ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.09.27 23:02)

Hi, it’s Ayapan
aka Kikuchi AyakaLOL

*Ayapan is the nickname
I use when on NOTTV’s
Anta Dare?. Yes.

Well, yesterday was my beloved
beloved Warota 7 radio recording*・゜

This time was CinDy, Lovetan
and Ayarin!!

It was the first time with this combination

This time was super duper fun too
and really exciting (ノ)ω(ヾ)

Everyone, please listen///

We couldn’t stop laughing. LOL

And I was happy to meet CinDy
for the first time in a while

Let’s get all of Warota 7 together
and have a party (∵*)

It seems like CinDy
can make delicious food
and sweets…///

That’s exciting, CinDy!!

CinDy, thanks!!←←←

Well, tomorrow is NOTTV*・゜

I’ll do my best o(`^´*)

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