[Jan! ken! pon! ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.09.19 18:38)

Yesterday was the janken tournament*・゜

I totally lost this year too.

It was really frustrating, but
it was super fun(*ノωノ)

Everyone who cheered for me
I’m sorry(´;ω;`)

And thank you very much
for cheering for me!

I was really happy to hear so many cheers

I’m really bad at janken. LOL

I have to work harder!

The costumer Shinobu-san
thought up my costume this time(ノ)ω(ヾ)

A pure white dress

The banner was Shinobu-san’s idea too LOL

Shinobu-san, thank you very much
for the lovely costume…

I lost this janken tournament too
I’m kind of impatient.

Because I lost three years in a row. LOL

I couldn’t repay everyone
who cheered for me either
I’m really sorry.

But don’t leave me
because of that.

Because I’m working hard.

I’ll do my best so I can
get into senbatsu with my own strength.

I believe in my fans
so I want everyone
to believe in me.


I wanted to say that*・゜

Because I’m getting impatient
and nervous…

I talked to Akimoto-sensei

And Akimoto-sensei said

Everyone around Kikuchi
understands how hard she works.

You shouldn’t be impatient yet.

Don’t just look at the sides, look straight forward
and work hard.

…that’s what he said.

That’s right.

I have to look straight forward and do my best.

I am me.

I know myself the best.


It’s been a while since I’ve talked like this. LOL

Everyone, thank you very much
for reading this far*・゜

I lost the janken tournament, but
please continue to cheer for me
from now on too

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