[Tokyo Dome final day! ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.08.27 19:52)

This is long, but I’ll be happy
if you read it. LOL

Yesterday we finished
Tokyo Dome safely*・゜

These three days went by really fast.

It’s a little lonely that the
Tokyo Dome concert everyone
worked really hard for is over.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

I wanted to do more concerts
at Tokyo Dome…

But I’m so happy
that we were able to have a concert
at Tokyo Dome that
I can’t put it into words!

It was the best concert we’ve ever done!

I have no regrets and enjoyed it
from the bottom of my heart(〃ノωノ)

We were able to stand on
the big stage of Tokyo Dome
thanks to all the fans
who cheered for us.

And all of my seniors
starting from 1st generation
who made AKB48 what it is today.

I’m really thankful to
all my seniors.

Thank you very very much.

We’re making a new start today.

I’m already 19, soon I have to
become an adult for real.

I think I should get rid of my idiot character and find a new self. LOL

More juniors are joining
I can’t lose.

I have to work hard with enough feelings
to surpass my seniors.

Okay, starting today I’m going to
brace myself for a new start!

Please continue to support AKB48
and Kikuchi Ayaka from now on too*・゜

And again, Maeda-san
congratulations on graduating.

I’ve learned a lot of things
from Maeda-san.

The tears Maeda-san shed yesterday
were really lovely and pretty.

I’ll work hard so I can shine like Maeda-san
from now on too!!

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