[Day two yesterday ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.08.26 07:57)

Good morning・゜

Yesterday we had
the second day!

Yesterday I was in team songs and!!
We performed the Future Girls song
*Show fight!*
for the first time(´>ω<`)

It was super duper exciting
I was happy///

It's a song I was able to sing
thanks to everyone who
voted for me in the election, so
it's a song I really love
and it's important to me…

Thank you very much
to all of the fans who
are cheering me on!!

This Future Girls song is really
a cool song, and the lyrics are also
about facing forward and being strong*・゜

The music video
is super duper cool
too, so I want
people to watch it soon(*ノωノ)

A! ny! way!

I really love this song!!←←

And something else that made me happy
was the surprise yesterday
of Takamina-san’s
solo debut(´;ω;`)

I was really moved.

I was really happy.

When Takamina-san cried
I cried too.

Those tears she shed
were lovely(´;ω;`)


I’ll continue to follow Takamina-san
from now on too.

And today is the final day!!

I’ll do my best!

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