[Uhho Uhhohho! ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.07.28 12:24)

Well, yesterday was Team K’s
captain Sayaka’s birthday show
⊂ニニ( ^ω^)ニ⊃


And thanks for everything.

For pulling Team K along
and gathering us together
and getting us pumped up

…there are too many things
I can’t write them all. LOL

Captain is too lovely, seriously LOL

And I’m really thankful
to Captain.

We always have fun conversations when we meet up
and she always pays attention to me
Captain is like an older sister to me・゜

I seriously seriously seriously
love her(ノ)ω(ヾ)←←←

Please take care of me from now on too…

I hope it’ll be a lovely year for her*・゜

Ignore my bangs LOL

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