(2012.07.26 23:30)

Good evening!
It’s Mayuyu.

Did you watch the Kayoukyoku live broadcast special the other day??

It’s summer, so I wore a yukata♪


It’s my first time wearing a yukata this year\(^o^)/It’s pink!
It’s nice and really feels like summer~

Everyone wore different colored yukatas, it was really pretty☆
Everyone, have you worn a yukata this summer?

After the live broadcast, we did filming for next week’s Kayoukyoku.
I was able to sing “Otona Jellybeans”♪
The set and background were super cute and lovely, so everyone, look forward to it (^-^)/ Please watch it! It’s airing on Tuesday next week!

today was hot!
I wonder what August is going to be like…(>_<) Hot

I hope you can feel a bit cooler looking at this photo!

I’ll update again.
Do your best, Mayuyu!

From Mayuyu

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