(2012.07.23 22:52)

Good evening!
It’s Mayuyu.

Today when I went to the convenience store
there was the Young Magazine and Weekly Playboy released today on display♪

I’m on the cover of Young Magazine, thank you very much!
I’m a little surprised there’s so much Young Magazine here LOL

I saw the cover of Young Magazine for the first time today, I like that it ended up adult-ish (^-^)/

I have gravure in the middle of Weekly Playboy! Thank you very much.

Please check out both of them☆

Lately it’s been cold~
But today was a little warm? The change in temperature is tough~
Everyone, please be careful that you don’t catch a cold (>人<;) If you’ve caught a cold, get well soon!

Well then
there are finally

only two days left

until Watanabe Mayu’s second single

“Otona Jellybeans”!!

By the way, tomorrow is when you can get it early♪
I’m looking forward to it~ I’m looking forward to it~
Fufufu (^-^)/

Well then, everyone, sweet dreams.
Good night☆

From Mayuyu

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