[Awawawawawa ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.07.22 08:07)

Good morning ⊂ニニ( ^ω^)ニ⊃

Today is Team K in Okinawa・゜

It’s my second time in Okinawa!!!
I’m super duper excited!!!!

It’s outside so I might get burned LOL

If I get burned, I’m sorry LOL

Everyone coming for us
let’s drink a lot of water
so we don’t get heatstroke
and let’s enjoy it together

I’m already excited*・゜

I’ll do my best o(`^´*)

I darkened my hair

I got tired of light hair so I darkened itLOL

And I cut it a little(*ノωノ)

Everyone told me
I looked younger///Uhehe

Wazaki-san, thanks
like always.・゜

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