(2012.07.21 13:41)

Good morning!
Long time no see, it’s Mayuyu.

Sorry I haven’t been able to update (>_<)

It's been kind of cold yesterday and today even though it's July! I'm surprised.
Everyone, please be careful to not get sick.

Well, today is a
Team B performance in the AKB Theater♪
It's Mayuyu's first two-show day in a while, I'm looking forward to it~ (^-^)/

The afternoon show is a girls-only performance…
This is the first time in a while! I'm reaaalllyy looking forward to it

And the evening show is Mom's birthday show.
Let's get pumped up for it!

Everyone coming to see us today.
Please support us☆

Well then, let’s meet at the AKB48 Theater later…(^-^) Fufu

From Mayuyu

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