[Nothing in life is pointless ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.07.07 15:00)


Today I have a photoshoot by myself ∩ω・。ミ
I’m looking forward to it ∩ω・。ミ


I’ll do my best
to get cute photos of me///

But really, today is

Everyone, what are you wishing for?

For me…

it’s a secret _| ̄|○゛


It’d be nice if it came true*・゜

The photo is body cream
I got as a birthday present
from Chikichiki Johnny-san
from last AnDare

When the body cream I’m using now
runs out, I’ll use this///

It seems super duper good, so
I want to use it soon and up my girl power

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